Operating out of sunny Los Angeles, California, Bespoke Furniture Inc is quietly meeting the demands of private and commercial custom furniture design and fabrication needs.  The company specializes in turning their customer’s furniture ideas and concepts into reality.  If you are a commercial chain of hotels or you want to refurbish your office with unique one of a kind furnishings, Bespoke is the company to work with.    The process of designing your own line of furniture can be complex and involving.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of considerations to contemplate.  Form has to merge with function and safety while maintaining a high level of comfort.  Of course aesthetic plays a huge part in the design process.  The furniture Bespoke creates for it’s clients will either have a room designed around it or will have to fit seamlessly into a predesigned environment.  Your Kansas City business connection caught up with Stephanie at Bespoke, to learn more about their connection to local area Craft Queen Linda Fulghum and her custom printed muslin bags.

“They (Linda’s Bags) fit our brand well.  We make custom furniture and they have a custom feel.” – Stephanie of Bespoke


Linda has every bulk craft supply you could ever imagine.

When we spoke with Stephanie at the custom furniture design and fabrication business, she told us that part of the involving process Bespoke’s customers partake in, involves choosing the appropriate surfaces and finishes for their custom furniture designs.  This is where the custom printed muslin bags of Linda Fulghum come into the picture.  Bespoke uses Linda to manufacture their own custom designed and printed bags.  Stephanie told us that the muslin bag wholesaler State Line Bag Company referred them to Linda Fulghum for their custom printing needs.  The bags are used to send samples of the various surface and finish options available to customers that are embarking on the design process.  Think of the bag as essentially carrying swatches of all the available options Bespoke’s customers have to choose from.  “They (Linda’s Bags) fit our brand well.  We make custom furniture and they have a custom feel.”  Stephanie said that customers loved the bags and in some cases actually thought they were so nice that they inquired as to whether or not they needed to return them to Bespoke.  The furniture design and manufacture company currently uses 8″x11″ and 4″x6″ sized bags to showcase their samples in.  Stephanie told us that she was so thrilled with Linda’s quality work that she has recommended her services to a friend.

To learn more about the Bespoke furniture design and fabrication company check out their landing page at www.bespokefurnitureinc.com .  You’ll have to call the number listed or email them your inquiries since the company likes to keep a low profile.

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