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Searching for best Kansas City pizza?  Looking for Kansas City pizzeria reviews? Are you a freak for good pizza?

If you are looking for the best pizza restaurants in Kansas City, we have compiled our list of the top rated pizza places.

Our list may be different from other lists – and we know it’s probably different from your list – but for the most part we are presenting truly legit, locally owned KC pizza places.

All of these places have a lot of online social proof and a deep list of positive reviews on a  wide variety of online platforms.

Where is the best pizza in Kansas City?

If you are from out of town, and are looking for a place to go, this is probably going to be the best list you will find.  And if you are a local Kansas City pizza lover, and haven’t already been to all ten of these places, shame on you:

#1 Johnny Jo’s Pizzeria

It seems like for many people, the benchmark for great pizza is a slice that is as close as possible to authentic New York pizza.  From this perspective, Johnny Jo’s may be the closest source we have to real NY style pizza (at least to many local self-proclaimed connoisseurs).  Many KC pizza lovers claim this to the true, while we’re sure many others would refute this claim.   No other pizza shop in Kansas City has the volume or level of online reviews as this pizza place.  Chances are you’re either going to love Johnny Jo’s or at least think really like it.


#2 Spin! Neapolitan Pizza

Does this place serve NY style pizza?  No!  So if you’re going to be a pizza snob in this respect, continue on to #3 on our list.  But Spin! has really awesome gourmet, stone-oven pizza with fresh ingredients and awesome fresh crust, including regular, wheat and gluten-free.  The wheat crust is the best in Kansas City.    This place has several locations, good service (usually), really good salad and freakin’ solid pizza.  Not to mention some great home-made gelato ice cream and a kick-ass loyalty program.


#3 Geo’s Pizzeria

A really good local pizzeria.  This is going to be one of those pizza places where some people thinks it the best they’ve  ever had, and other’s will think it’s just “pretty good”.  This is the enigma of pizza.  As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.    It’s places like Geo’s that will make the great debate “where is the best pizza in Kansas City” debate raging in metro area for all eternity.  In the meantime, please go to Geo’s where the “crust is thin & crispy, the sauce is tasty and plenty of cheese is melted perfectly.” Although you wildling KC folks may have to travel down south of the wall (ie Overland Park) for a slice.


#4 d’Bronx

OK pizza snobs, we have another Kansas City attempt at NY pizza, and by many customer accounts, D’Bronx hits the mark.   You have to be pretty confident in your pizza menu to name yourself D’Bronx, and their website double’s down on this claim:  Kansas City’s authentic New York-style deli and pizzeria, serving hand-made, traditional recipes for over 25 years.  There are some review quotes that really sum up this place up, such as: “the pizza isn’t greasy, crisp crust and soft in the middle!” and “I hate pizza, unless it’s NY pizza, and this is VERY good!”  If you’re interested, this place also gets high marks by many for its Parmesan subs.


#5 Home Slice

We’re working our way down this Kansas City pizza near-me list, and now we’re starting to get hungry.  Home Slice is REALLY solid and at some point our hunch is that this pizza pace will be at or near the top of this list some day.   If you live in Kansas City, must check this place out at some point.  Great fresh wood-fired pizza crust with great fresh toppings.   A couple of quirky things: despite the name, they don’t sell slices (marketing much?) and their website is literally like the least functional restaurant website we’ve ever seen.  But seriously…KC homies go down and get your self a slice (of the entire pizza you have to buy ha ha).


#6 Waldo Pizza

Waldo Pizza may be one of you best options for Kansas City vegan pizza.  They also offer a “St. Louis Style Thin Crust” (wtf is that?!)  Hey, why don’t we have a pizza crust named after Kansas City?!  Per Waldo Pizza, this is “an extra thin, crispy crust glazed with garlic butter and a light touch of pizza sauce with a rich blend of mozzarella, provolone, swiss, and cheddar cheeses.” If you search for yourself, you will clearly see why Waldo Pizza is a no-brainer choice as a top 10 pizza place in Kansas City. While this may not be he top spot for pizza snobs, Waldo Pizza is the favorite Kansas City pizza restaurant for many, many Kansas Citians.   And it’s located in Waldo – you gotta love that!


#7 Artego Pizza

This is another great choice for pizza in KC and one that has a lot of great online reviews.   There does seem to be a little bit of a “hit or miss factor” where you might go there on a day where your pizza might not be as great as the last time you went, but for the most part, Artego Pizza has a track record of consistency and serving really good local KC pizza.   As one recent customer phrased it “The seasoned crust is amazing with the right blend if soft and crunchy.” Boom.  Artego is also known for serving up some killer wings.


#8 Papa Keno’s

This is your quintessential local pizza joint with 90%+ of patrons rating it somewhere between really good and great, with plenty of folks proclaiming that it’s “the best”.  Sound familiar.  This is another great Kansas City pizzeria that does the city proud.  Here’s a great recent review that really sums it up: “Delicious traditional style pizza with quality ingredients. Really enjoyed the Kid Keno and a 14″ pizza is the perfect size to share between two people.


#9 Topp’d Pizza

Check out this recent review – really cool to get a review like this and very classy of Artego Pizza: “As the owner of Artego Pizza I had been wanting to try out our neighbors-Topp’d, and boy was I impressed!. The toppings were incredible and fresh and the dough was excellent as well!!”  When a competing pizza joint makes a compliment like this, you know you have to check it out.

Visit:  PS, these guys were smart enough to put a video on their home page, so we included it here (great job on this video guys!:

#10 Il Lazzarone

As explained on this Kansas City pizza shop’s website, Lazzarone is pronounced “lazzaˈroni” and this is a local KC family-owned pizzeria. The lazzaroni were the street folk of Naples, and as explained by the website, they were the ones who in essence invented pizza.   These people are so into to pizza that they know the history – and they bake that passion and knowledge into their pizzas.  If you’re into Neapolitan pizza, this is may be one of the best if not the best choice.  As one Il Lazzarone customer recently said “This is probably the best Neapolitan Pizza place in Kansas City. But not the best I have ever had.”  So there you have it great stuff and a solid alternative to Spin!


OK pizza snobs, haters and troll, let us know what we got right, what we got wrong and who missed in the comments below.

Bring it (in the comments below)!





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