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Blogger Local is heading on over to Leawood, KS home of the Leawood Office Business Center to meet up with owner Kevin Downey to find out about a new office availability.  When searching for Kansas City office space, look no further than the Leawood Office Business Center for all of your premier office space needs.

(Interview 08/29/13 – Weather Kansas City 89 Degrees & Sunny)

Ben:            Hello, there.  This is Ben with Bloggerlocal Kansas City. We’re meeting up with Kevin Downey at the Leawood Office Business Center.  We’re just catching up with him to find out about some current availability in his office building.  Kevin, could you tell us about some of the offices you have available?

Kevin:            Yeah, sure, Ben.  So I’ve got right now my big office that I would like everyone to know about and I’ve got a great special on is I’ve got a huge corner windowed office in my building in the northeast corner of the building that can house upwards of four people.  It’s over,  well over, 200 square feet and that incorporates obviously all the amenities that we offer in our facility.  And that space I’ve got discounted to $1,170 a month and that’s all inclusive.  So if people are looking at my website, or our website, they can see that we have 25 megabyte fiber included and domestic long distance and full building wi-fi and they get use of all the facility and the conference rooms and the kitchen and the reception area and all that fun stuff.  The great thing about our facility is that it’s totally turnkey and they can come in and move out anytime they want. The other great thing about our clients is they can move within the building at any time.  So they can come in one office and if they want to switch to a different office, a bigger office, no problem.  We always take care of our clients and we help them move and everything.

Ben:            What are some of the amenities in the area surrounding the Leawood Office Business Center?

Kevin:            Good question.  Yeah, so right now we have … they’ve got a lot of construction going on, but we do have a couple of restaurants right here in our park like Bonefish Grill, and then we’ve got a drugstore right down the block, a gas station just right next door.  We have a ton of different amenities right around us; a bank, a day care.  We’ve got CORE is right behind us so Church of The Resurrection Headquarters is right behind our building to the south and so we have a doggie day care next door.  So we’ve got a lot of neat amenities right around our building and that’s what’s so great is clients and their guests  they come here for meetings or whatever, and the guests always have access to quick needs like a gas station or something right down the street.

Ben:            Can you tell us about some of the highway accessibility in the area?

Kevin:            Yeah, so we’re located at 135th and Rowe in Leawood and it is right down the street from Highway 69 and Highway 69 is a north-south highway on the south side of Kansas City that again it runs north-south, and so they can access 69 which then gives them access to 435, and 470 and 35 which go all the way around and through the city.  You can also go to the east of us and get Stateline Road or 150 and access other highways that way.  So we’re very accessible and we’re right down the street from Sprint’s main campus.  We’re a couple miles from there.

Ben:            Awesome.  So centrally located, easily accessible.

Kevin:            Yeah, easily accessible and again I’ve got that one big office available that we want to point out is that I’ve got that big office for anybody right now looking for multiple people.  We’ve got that office available.

Ben:            Awesome.  Well, we’ll check back in with you soon.

Kevin:            OK.  Thank you very much.


If you are in the market for a premier office space in a fantastic area, Kevin Downey at Leawood Office Business Center is currently showing his available space.  To inquire about availability or to schedule a tour, you can email Kevin at or call him at (913) 402-6000.



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