Who doesn’t love sushi? This has become one of the most popular dishes that individuals in Kansas City enjoy. No longer are families excited for “Taco Tuesday,” instead, they look forward to “Sushi Saturday.” Regardless of when you eat it, there is a good chance you want to find a sushi chef who knows what they are doing. To make this process a bit easier, you can find the top 10 sushi restaurants and eateries in the Kansas City area below.

Note: We know that sushi lovers are passionate about their sushi.  We know that your own personal list may be different than our list.  If you have opinions or you think we missed a truly great Kansas City sushi place, please tell us in the comments section at the bottom of this page.  We will take this into consideration next time we update this list.

And if we missed your favorite place or you have an opinion on the best Kansas City sushi restaurants, please share in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we’ll be sure to take those into account the next time we update this list.

The Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Kansas City

  1. Sushi UNI. Sushi UNI is known in the area as “your friendly neighborhood sushi shop.” Offering a diverse menu of favorite sushi dishes, consumers can feel confident that they can easily get their sushi fix when visiting Sushi UNI. Another appealing factor offered by this sushi destination is the fact that the menu selections are being updated regularly. You never know what type of new sushi roll or dish you may be able to experience at your next visit.  The regular lunch specials are an insanely good value, making them the best sushi deal in Kansas City : http://sushiuni.com
  2. Bob Wasabi Kitchen. Open for lunch between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM and dinner between 5:00 PM ad 9:00 PM, this sushi diner is dedicated to delivering delicious and unique flavors to customers. Established in 2015, Bob Wasabi Kitchen is still growing and updating the menu regularly.  You can ring up a tab here pretty quickly, but the sushi is so good and fresh that it’s worth every penny.  The restaurant itself is simple and cozy, providing a welcoming environment for visitors. http://www.bobwasabikitchen39.com
  3. Oishi Japanese Cuisine & Bar. Located in Shawnee, Oishi Sushi is classified as a fine dining establishment where visitors can enjoy delicious sushi and hibachi. Each dish served is made fresh daily and available at affordable prices. The sushi bar serves several different types of rolls, including California, salmon and tuna. Customers can also choose steak, salmon, shrimp, chicken and vegetable on the Hibachi. Those interested in takeout can order online. https://www.oishisushiks.com
  4. Prime Sushi Bar. A hot spot for sushi in Kansas City, Prime Sushi Bar is dedicated to providing customers with delicious and affordable selections on their sushi bar. The staff is working to raise the bar related to oriental sushi cuisine by providing innovative combinations, fresh ingredients and healthy options. At this sushi restaurant, customers and sit back, relax and enjoy the colorful tastes offered. http://primesushikc2.com
  5. Mr. Le’s Sushi. Mr. Le’s Sushi offers a full sushi bar, as well as a Japanese grill style eatery. In addition to delicious sushi rolls, customers can also enjoy grill themed food, including teriyaki, scallops, salmon, shrimp, steak and chicken. Other dishes offered here include general tsaos chicken, orange chicken and more. The restaurant takes reservations and walk-ins and is a great eating establishment for the entire family to enjoy.  This restaurant has no website but at least they have a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Mr-Les-Sushi-194682957470/
  6. KC Sushi. The KC Sushi restaurant is considered a contemporary grill and sushi restaurant that delivers the very best fine dining experience that will keep customers coming back time and time again. Once a customer dines at KC Sushi, they become a member of the family. The talented sushi chef at this location provides an innovative selection of sushi, with amazing presentation. All dishes served are created with real, natural ingredients and prepared in a manner to ensure nutrition and high quality flavor are maintained. http://www.kcsushi.com
  7. Toro Sushi Hibachi & Asian. At Toro Hibachi Sushi & Asian, customers can enjoy an array of dishes, including Teppanyaki, sushi and Asian dishes. The restaurant also adds new dishes to their menu regularly to keep customers happy and able to try new creations. The menu features options from soups and salads to Hibachi dinners and fried rice. Located on 91st Street and Metcalf Avenue, the eatery is located near South Lake Park and offers online ordering and carryout. https://www.torokc.com
  8. Sakae Sushi. Open for lunch and dinner, Sakae Sushi serves local fresh sushi with dishes that are truly creative and innovative. Anyone looking for a unique sushi experience can count on Sakae Sushi to deliver. The restaurant offers both in-store dining, as well as online ordering for carryout. Visit this restaurant to experience delicious, fresh sushi at its finest. http://www.sakaesushikc.com
  9. Drunken Fish. Voted as the best sushi spot in St. Louis, the Drunken Fish is the ideal location to enjoy an amazing dining experience. The sushi chefs here put time and care into selecting the fish used for their sushi dishes. Currently the restaurant offers 20 different types of seafood and 19 signature cocktails. Featuring modern, vibrant décor, this location provides a comfortable setting that is ideal for a night out with friends or more romantic experiences. Reservations are available. http://www.drunkenfish.com
  10. Blue Sushi Sake Grill. At Blue Sushi Sake Grill, ingredients and energetic vibes are used to provide premium cold sake with amazing experiences. This offers customers a new and fresh way to experience sushi. The grill and sushi menus here will allow customers to explore all their sushi favorites in unexpected and new ways. Happy Hour goes on every day of the week at Blue Sushi Sake Grill, making any time the right time to grab a bite at this fun restaurant. http://bluesushisakegrill.com

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