Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-SliderKansas City, MO – The Drain Strainer LLC was curious as to what its customers had to say, so they hired The Pen Crew to reach out and gather feedback from a number of its customers. Twelve of the Drain Strainer’s customers responded with reviews, and gave the company (and the product) a rating on a 5.0 scale. The result was an average rating of 4.6/5.0 – a high number for an online business. Flavia Santibañez of The Pen Crew says that the “above and beyond customer service” and product quality earned this business its well-deserved scores.

With three of the most innovative pieces of kitchen equipment, the line of Drain Strainers are efficient and cost-effective. With easy installation and low start-up costs these devices are a long-term investment that will put any restaurant, hotel, or hospital in the front-end technologically.  The Drain Strainer requires no energy, no repairs, or maintenance; it even helps protect the environment, and prevents calls to plumbers.

Brian Ash, President and founder of The Drain Strainer attributes the popularity of The Drain Strainer to its ease of use, cost-efficiency and effectiveness. For those business owners new to The Drain Strainer, you’ll be glad to know that it is a piece of equipment that poses no future costs, whether it be maintenance or repair, has no externalities and it allows your kitchen to flow smoother without drain problems or misshapen cutlery.  This product was the first of its kind and can be used in any commercial kitchen.  It has been sold from California to New York, with satisfied customers everywhere.

Alec Sabina, a restaurant owner in Portland Maine, has chosen to use The Drain Strainer because he cannot afford to have his kitchen slow down.  His restaurant is what people go to that side of town for! And due to his water lines being above him, he relies on the drain strainer to keep him afloat. Says Sabina, “If Brian wouldn’t have invented it I would have invented it myself. We need this!”

This revolutionary product is available in three sizes – The Drain Strainer, The Drain Strainer XL and the Mini Drain Strainer. These sizes fit anywhere from a dishwasher to a small bar sink. They range from $500 to $700 and leg extensions can be also purchased if your sink is a bit higher off the ground. These stainless steel pieces of equipment were designed by Brian himself, and are manufactured in China. The products are all shipped out of their main warehouse in Santa Ana California and always deliver promptly, at times delivering way ahead of schedule and surprising people.

The Drain Strainer is sure to surprise your wallet! You only pay once for a stress free kitchen that can even start your own compost pile if you like. We are our deeds, and being friendly to the earth, never goes unnoticed.

The Drain Strainer is the answer to any business owner that has a commercial kitchen on-site, and is no longer willing to deal with the extra costs induced by the volatility of basic restaurant garbage disposal. To order a Drain Strainer visit their website and pick the one that suits you best.