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ProCorp Images is in the business of providing branding and merchandising solutions to companies in need of showcasing their brand.  As one of the largest promotional companies in the country, ProCorp Images works in partnership with brands to help them isolate and utilize different mediums of physical promotions.  From ping pong paddles to fleece jackets, if you can imagine branding on it, they can make it happen.  ProCorp draws on their immense network of product vendors to provide promotional solutions for their customers.  Although companies rely largely on traditional means of advertising like print, radio, TV and Internet, customers in the market place will always love to get their hands on tangible items.  The people of the market place loves things they can hold, wear or use functionally and especially if they are a freebie.  Businesses all across the country understand the importance of seeing their branding in action out in public spaces.  In many instances a branded promotional product, such as a backpack, can actually reach a larger audience being worn by a college student on and around a college campus for 4 years than various media could reach in a single promotional campaign.  The reach can be greater and the cost of producing the promotional product can actually be cheaper than traditional forms of advertising or promotion.  Blogger Local spoke with Brenda Butler, a representative for ProCorp Images, about one of the simple promotional solutions she has provided her customers with.

When Brenda needed a low cost, simple solution to showcase a client’s branding she decided on utilizing a bag as the preferable medium.  She Googled muslin bags and eventually chose to get some samples from a wholesale cotton bags company based out of Kansas City.  The samples from the State Line Bag Company were passed on to her client for review.  The client was highly receptive of the samples and chose to pursue utilizing the wholesale cotton bags for their promotional venture.  Brenda’s client liked the look and feel of the bags and they found that having them screen printed was a cost effective solution to display their branding.  Now instead of magazine adds that have made their way into the trash or radio commercials that have long been forgotten, Brenda’s client’s promotional products can still be seen in use providing functional value to their owners.

To find out more info on branding and promotional solutions for your business, call Brenda Butler of ProCorp Images at (303) 319-4709.

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