Day: October 28, 2013

cuffdblmagFor people in professions that require they carry a concealed weapon, safety is priority number one.  The professionals in certain law enforcement or private security organizations have duties that necessitate they carry a firearm in a discrete manner.  Take members of the Secret Service for example.  Typically when you think of the Secret Service, you envision a stoic person in a suite with sunglasses and an ear piece for communication, running along side a Presidential motorcade.  What you don’t see are the dozens of Secret Service agents that are embedded in the crowds of Presidential events.  The agents are plane clothed  and armed with a concealed weapon(s).  Their presence is advantageous because of their ability to blend in with the crowds of people at the event.  The agents can interact with crowds and possibly can gain helpful insights into possible forthcoming events.  They are also poised in position should someone in the crowd make any hostile advances or gestures to the President.  Since they blend in with the crowd it adds a level of complexity for would be criminals to be able to tell who is who in a crowd.  If a criminal can’t tell who around them is an agent they can’t make counter actions or contingency plans accordingly.  One of the key parts of blending in requires an agent’s weapon to be concealed and not easily detectable.  To conceal a weapon, agents, law enforcement officers and private security personnel, rely on low profile holsters to stow their firearms.  They depend on their holsters to not only be discrete but to house their weapon safely.  A gun holster has to be comfortable under clothing, easily accessible but secure in the event of the users possible physical actions like running or tackling an attacker.  This Kansas City blog caught up with one of the country’s premier holster manufacturers to discuss his business to business connection with a wholesale cotton muslin bag company.

 “The Customers will call and they tell me how much they liked the holster and then they will call back and tell me they like the bags.” -David Prince

David Prince owns one of the country’s most esteemed gun holster manufacturing companies.  David, who has 15 years of service in a law enforcement capacity, makes handmade fine leather gun holsters for law enforcement and security professionals.  He depends on the highest quality materials and tools to help him create is one of a kind concealment solutions.  “A lot of holster manufacturers just toss their holsters in a plastic bag and package it up for shipping.”  We spoke with David about his connection to State Line Bag Company, a wholesale cotton muslin bags company.  David told us that he needed a packaging solution for his high end holsters so he did a simple search for cotton bags on the Internet.  He eventually found his way to the State Line Bag Company.  Prince procured some samples of their product and decided upon the sizes that would accommodate his product the best.

“The bags are critical for me in how I do my designs” -David Prince

We learned that all Prince Gun Leather products are packaged up in silk screened bags from the muslin cotton bags company.  He told us that “the bags are critical for me in how I do my designs”.  David also revealed to us that many of his customers truly enjoy the attention to detail and thought that goes into the way his products are packaged.  “The Customers will call and they tell me how much they liked the holster and then they will call back and tell me they like the bags.”  David’s customers have a special bond with his product and brand.  Their bond comes from the fact that they depend on his product to stow away a tool that could save their life or someone else’s in a time of great urgency.  Prince Gun Leather packaging is just one example of how David goes the extra mile in creating his unique products.  To check out Prince Gun Leather’s manufacturing process head on over to their Youtube channel.

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