14241_180557148660_2999953_nIn a previous post Kansas City Blogger Local introduced you to the Nuetra Pac, a great product for cleaning up residue and grime caused by ice melt.  When we spoke with Hal Kurz of the Overland Park cleaning supply store, he also told us he believed stopping door at the door was one of the most important cleaning tools.  Hal and the crew at WinPro Solutions have been doing battle with dirt and providing janitorial service providers with quality products and insight for 25 years.

We caught back up with Hal to see if he had a specific solution for stopping dirt at the door.  The Overland Park cleaning supply company carries the Anderson Waterhog Eco Elite Mat.  This floor entry mat features a unique herringbone ridge that is maximized to penetrate the grooves in between treads on the bottoms of boots and shoes.  In the winter especially, the ridged mats are essential in scrapping off compacted snow and ice.  The Waterhog Eco Elite is an authentic green sourced product made from recycled materials including plastic bottles and tires.  The mats also offer piece of mind when it comes to safety.  The Waterhog has been certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

WinPro Solutions offers many products that can help clean a business but this is one of the products they offer that can directly mitigate safety risks.  Since the rugs are designed to hold water below the fibers surface, the rugs don’t squeeze out water onto the surrounding floor area.  The absorption power of the mat combined with it’s herringbone ridge, are a perfect combination to help reduce the risk of customers falling on the melted snow or ice that can be left inside a door way area.  The snow and ice can also be tracked in and deposited throughout a building as it melts and fails to cling in between the treads of a boot or shoe.  If you are interested in defeating dirt and reducing the risks of falls contact Hal and the crew at WinPro Solutions to find out more.  Give them a call (913) 894-2130 or visit their website.  www.WinProSolutions.com

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