17_081107_095820Each year as Winter sets in on the Kansas City metro area, people look forward to cozy evenings sitting fireside sipping cider or reading a good book.  In preparation, most people have their chimney serviced to make sure it is free and clear of any debris, nuisance animals or their nests, so as not to cause them to catch fire.  Soot and ash are scraped and removed from chimneys to help them breathe and encourage smoke to exit out the top instead of backing up into your house.  No matter how clean the inside of a chimney is, it will inevitably leave an ashy soot residue along the walls and in some cases ceiling surround a fireplace.

This year as people gather around your fire place help make sure that they see the true beauty your fire place originally had before years of soot and ash residue built up.  Blogger Local Kansas City understands how important it is for our readers to have their houses looking in top shape for the holidays, so we reached out to Hal Kurz of the Kansas City cleaning supplies company to see if he had any recommendations on a product that people could use to help restore their fireplace’s exterior to it’s original look.

Hal recommended his Kansas City try a high quality degreaser by the name of Astro Chem.  The cleaning product is great on a variety of stone based surfaces that might frame a fireplace or chimney.  Hal noted that this type of degreaser was not the same as the kind you might rely on to get off oil stains off the floor of a garage but the kind that worked on breaking up residue that was formed from burning something.  One of the added benefits of the the Astro Chem product is that unlike many of it’s competitors it does not leave behind a filmy residue.  The Kansas City cleaning supplies pro told us that most people who use the product on a surface that has been exposed to years worth of soot and ash buildup, should see a noticeable difference in the color of stone before and after cleaning with Astro Chem.  If you are interested in learning more about Astro Chem and other products like it, give Hal a ring at (913) 894-2130 or check out his website www.WinProSolutions.com .

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