59250When cold weather blankets Kansas City, soon afterwards follows the first wave of seasonal Flu outbreaks.  With symptoms of body aches, fever and congestion lasting anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, the Flu is no joke.  For janitorial service providers in the metro area, bathroom sanitation is always a top priority and during the Winter months, hand washing becomes an increasing logistical concern.  For many commercial businesses the Winter months can bring increased labor costs and loss of productivity.  As employees become sick, healthy employees are often asked to work overtime, which in turn raises overhead costs.  Also subsequently, as employees are absent or slowed down by their Flu symptoms, it decreases productivity due to the fact that people unfamiliar with a sick person’s job require at the very least a transitional period of time before they can regain the productivity status of the person they have replaced.

“Hand washing is the single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection.” -Centers For Disease Control

Blogger Local Kansas City wanted to know what product janitorial service providers choose when they sought an effective hand washing solution.  We spoke with Hal Kurz of the Kansas City janitorial supply store WinPro Solutions to find out what industry services pros were using.  Hal was quick to tell us about the Aero Green Anti-bacterial Soap.  The soap is capable of killing 99.99% of common bacteria and germs.  The one liter containers can facilitate 1,400 hand washings.  That’s 1,400 hundred chances to stop a nasty cold right in it’s tracks.  Hal told us that part of the Aero Green’s power came from it’s foam application, which can be spread more thoroughly across hands.  The Kansas City janitorial supply company owner also told us that the foam is an efficient form of application and can make the product last longer than it’s liquid competitors.  With a light floral fragrance, soft PH balance and moisturizers for the skin, Aero Green is sure to be a welcome tool in the fight against the Flu.

To find out more info on how you can help fight the Flu in the workplace, contact Hal and his crew at WinPro Solutions.  (913) 894-2130 or visit them at www.WinProSolutions.com

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