621520When most people think of Overland Park janitorial supply company WinPro Solutions, they usually think about friendly service and a great selection of cleaning supplies.  What most of Hal Kurz’s customers don’t realize is that WinPro Solutions also offers a diverse selection of powered tools to help janitorial service providers in Kansas City accomplish any job regardless of size.  Renting equipment instead of buying it, can be a great alternative to those businesses just getting started in the janitorial service industry.  Renting equipment for projects like home remodeling  allows a service provider to take on new clients and earn more revenue without the risk of being responsible for maintenance.  It is always a challenge for a start up business to incur costs to inflate their overhead.  For some service providers who might only use the equipment once in a while, it helps insure that they don’t have money tied up in tools that sit idle while they try and cut costs on items they might use on a daily basis.

We spoke with Hal Kurz, owner of the Overland Park janitorial supply company about some of the options WinPro Solutions had available to janitorial service providers.    Hal told Blogger Local Kansas City that WinPro carries a variety of autoscrubbers, industrial blowers and vaccums.  Hal was especially excited to tell us about one of his favorite pieces of equipment, the Powr-Flite Predator 20 automatic floor scrubber.  The battery powered automatic scrubber will run 4 hours on a single battery and clean 20,000 sq ft of flooring surfaces.  The 3-stage suction motor can suck up a ton of dirt and store it in the Predator 20’s 17 gallon storage tank that has a rear access which makes it a breeze to drain when the job is done.  With 90lbs of brush cleaning pressure, the self propelled Predator 20 is sure to get deep down dirt and grime.  The automatic scrubber also features a parabolic adjustable squeegee which will leave floors dry and shinning.

Hal also mentioned that WinPro Solutions not only rents janitorial service industry equipment but they also sell high quality used equipment.  The used equipment is a great option for service oriented businesses who might have surpassed their need for rental but don’t want to commit financially to a new piece of equipment.  To find out more about selection and pricing on used equipment and rentals, contact the friendly folks at WinPro Solutions.  (913) 894-2130 or visit them online at www.WinProSolutions.com

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