Day: November 4, 2013

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When we think of Kansas City in the 1890s We think of a colorful era when big personalities shaped the city, the Pendergast brothers made sure that prohibition meant nothing here, and the development of what we know as the Country Club Plaza, The Country Club District, and Ward Parkway took place. As Businesses began to flourish and the inner city culture blossomed, a company that is still around today was born, Callender Printing Company. The Callender family founded the company and brought the most innovative commercial printer Kansas City had seen thus far, and began a family owned business that was passed on from generation to generation for almost 100 years. In 1988 Jim Woehrman purchased the company from the last of the Callenders and began a family tradition of his own. Since 2005 Dan Woehrman has taken over for his father Jim, and would be happy if the company went to one of his sons after his retirement, but he is not one to force his dreams onto his family.

“Our word is bond. If our customer has to have it, we get it for them.”   -Dan Woerman, owner.

Callender Printing is one of the last union print shops in Kansas City, and they pride themselves on their quality and service. They utilize letterpress, offset, and digital equipment to provide final products with exceptional quality with unbeatable service. With competitive pricing and an eye for perfection, Callender’s is the place to go for any printing service, not only because of their excellent service and prices, but for the history the company holds, what the name represents and what it means to the city of Kansas City. This company is Kansas City history.

At this historical shop they cater to you with personalized service, and utilize the latest technology in order to provide a fast response with the highest quality of production. Callender does a little bit of everything within its focus of stationary & envelopes, business cards, catalog & newsletters, brochures, programs, books and forms. Callender’s long tradition of total customer care has allowed them to be extremely successful for over a century and to have become Kansas City’s premier commercial printer.

As a full service commercial printer, no job is too big or too small. They pride themselves on how they care for their customers, on their quality and on the fact that they are one of the few Union Printing Companies left in Kansas City.

For more information on this Historic company and its contemporary products Contact them at (913) 371-0330 or visit their website at

Keeping Kansas CIty History Alive one print at a time with quality & exceptional service since 1893.

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