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Take a drive through downtown Kansas City and you will see all of the old buildings, so much history you can almost taste it. What about those other Kansas City history icons we do not find downtown but have helped shape the city and have been an influential part of our nation? Let go back to 1893 for just one moment, when Mr. Callender decided to revolutionize commercial printing in Kansas City and establish Callender Printing Company, the same year the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers decided it would make Kansas City the home to its headquarters. A busy year for Kansas City considering an ordinance to stop driving flocks of animals through the streets was also being debated and a legislature to stop medical students from dumpling friendless bodies into the Missouri river was about to be passed. Needless to say it was a year that gave our natives a lot to think about.

The 1893 depression that brought an end to the Gilded Age did not stop both of these respectful Kansas City icons. Both Callender Printing and the International Brotherhood decided to form an alliance, and since 1893 Callender Printing has been the Brotherhood’s go-to commercial printer.

“We are not very big. We’re considered a mom ‘n pop shop, but when our customers need something we make it happen”                        -Dan Woehrman, owner

Family owned and operated since 1893, Callender’s has seen one foreign sat name, with the hopes to be the last, but hey no one knows what the future holds. Owned by Callenders up until 1988, when Jim Woehrman made Callender printing his family business. Being one the few Union Printer Companies left in Kansas City, they have a reputation to uphold, they utilize letterpress, offset, and digital equipment to produce printed products with exceptional quality, and unbeatable personalized service.

With the latest technology they are able to provide a fast response and the highest quality of production. Callender’s focuses on a handful of products only, which allows them to allocate their efforts and has enabled them to specialize and be Kansas City’s best.

As a full service commercial printer, no job is too big or too small. They pride themselves on how they care for their customers, on their quality and on the fact that they are one of the few Union Printing Companies in Kansas City.

For more information on this Historic company and its contemporary products Contact them at (913) 371-0330 or visit their website at www.callenderprinting.com.

Keeping Kansas CIty History Alive one print at a time with quality & exceptional service since 1893.

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