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With more and more jobs being available online it is almost unnecessary to have an office, I mean the decision was probably easy, why rent an office when you do all your work online? If you never have to meet a client then you have made the right decision. The only problem is, you’re not going to put your home address on your website or business cards right? absolutely not. Although this is saving you money every month is your P.O. Box rental keeping some clients away? Although we all know the internet has taken over a lot of our face to face interaction people still want you, their product or service provider, to have an actual brick and mortar location. This is because it indicates stability, success that you are an established business. Yes, you can be a most successful online business, but you need something to give your customers that actual location, somewhere where they can picture you, they want to picture you sitting in an office at an established location, not sitting in your pajamas at your kitchen table with your cat on your lap.

Truth is you are able to do both, you are able to keep a professional business profile without having to spend a lot of money and still be able to work from the comfort of your home without making your clients aware of it. Kansas City Mail box rental services from the Leawood Office Business Center make it easy for you to not have to advertise your actual location. A real business location can be a great solution to not having an office. And this type of address is a great alternative to P.O. Box addresses.

With an address as virtual as your business, you can give a professional address to your Kansas City business. And in the off chance that you do need to meet a client, you won’t have to meet them at Starbucks because rights to the meeting spaces come included with the mailbox. You can also take advantage of services such as mail collection and mail forwarding which are part of the package as well.

For more information on mailbox rental services or office rentals contact the Leawood Office Business Center at (913) 402-6000 or visit their website

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