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With Winter fast approaching, you can be sure that the cold weather will bring snow and ice to the Kansas City metro area.  Many commercial businesses and residences make snow and ice removal a top safety priority during the winter months.  After the first snowfall melts and fades away it generally leaves behind one of Winter’s tell tale signs.  A white or grayish film often clings to surfaces of all kinds that have come in contact with ice melt or the liquified remains of ice and snow that have met their fate when in contact with ice melt.  The film can be found on from cars to carpets.  The grimy film left behind after the presence of ice melt is one of the more difficult things to remove for janitorial and cleaning service providers.  When janitorial service providers seek seasonal solutions they often consult with WinPro Solutions, a Kansas City janitorial supplies company located in Lenexa.  The company owned by Hal Kurz has been providing cleaning solutions to the service industry providers of Kansas City for 25 years.  Your Kansas City blog for seasonal solutions got in contact with Hal Kurz to find out if he had any recommendations to area service providers on how to get rid of unsightly salt grime and residue.

The Kansas City janitorial supplies company owner recommended service providers try the Nuetra Pac.  This is a product that WinPro Solutions carries that Hal is really excited about.  The Nuetra Pac is dissolved in 4 gallons of water and can be used to clean almost any surface that might have an ice melt grime including; tile, hardwood, linoleum, stone, marble and even carpets.  Hal told us since the product is a base, it is designed for breaking up salt residue.  The fact that it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces makes it an essential product for commercial cleaning surfaces.  Janitorial service companies can always benefit from having products that can get the job done no matter what the location dictates.  Hal was especially thrilled at the products ability to clean carpets safely without fear of bleeding colors or damaging fibers.

Hal mentioned that he believes one of the keys to reducing grime inside your office or home is to have a first line of defense.  The WinPro Solutions owner told us that he firmly believes the best place for stopping dirt is at the door.  Hall recommends something that may seem simple but he has noticed people don’t always take to heart.  He said always make sure you have a pair of door mats in place to stop dirt from entering a home or business.  He believes that having a scrapper mat on the outside and mat on the inside is the way to go.  Many times people neglect to have a mat on the inside that let’s people take two steps inside the door.  Hal told us that is second step past the mat that really brings the dirt and ice melt slush that leaves a grimy residue on floors.  Hal simply reminds people to have a mat that can accommodate for the second step to help unwanted dirt and grime from making it’s way in.

If you need ice melt, Hal’s got that too!  WinPro Solutions has you covered, so give them a call at (913) 894-2130 or visit them online at


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