There are many industries that have over the last 25 years that have gone from being primarily anaologue to currently being fundamentally digital.  Information based companies hardly rely on paper forms or reports to help them operate.  The art of analogue photography is a quickly vanishing discipline.  With the invention of the 3D printers, even the process of physically replicating any object, has now to a certain degree been digitized.

14241_180557078660_4747621_nRegardless of the advances in digital technologies, there are some things that will never be digitized.  One of them is dirt.  As the decades have rolled by for the janitorial service community in Kansas City, the office and commercials spaces that service professionals maintain have become digitized  but their cleaning needs still remain the same.  The tools janitorial service professionals rely on can still be found at WinPro Solutions, who have been providing Kansas City janitorial supplies needs since the analogue days.  For 25 years the Kansas City cleaning supply store has been providing cleaning solutions to janitorial service providers all across the metro area.  Hal Kurz, owner of WinPro Solutions, has worked with every kind of cleaning and janitorial service provider.  Hal has an in depth understanding of how the industry has changed and where it is going.

Your Kansas City blog, reached out to Hal to try and learn a bit about where he thinks things are headed for the future of  the janitorial service industry.  We wanted to know in particular about any advances in technology that had become available to janitorial service businesses.  Hal told us that the technological advances made throughout the industry were centered mainly around janitorial service management software.  Hal explained that the advances in software were  centered around collecting, analyzing and storing data that was useful to operating a janitorial service.

It’s a good tracking system.  I have a customer who loves it.” -Hal Kurz, Owner WinPro Solutions

Hal specifically told Blogger Local Kansas City that he recommended that his customers and other janitorial service providers consider using the CleanTelligent janitorial service management software platform.   Hal told us that his customers relied on the service to help them manage multiple employees and accounts.  CleanTelligent “keeps everybody on point”, said Hal of the Kansas City cleaning supplies company.  We took Hal’s advice and checked out CleanTelligent for ourselves.

The software seems to be a robust platform that can beneficial to small businesses with just a handful of employees or a corporate enterprise with national accounts.  The software has been in development for 15 years and was developed by a service industry insider.  The janitorial service management software is currently in use by over 8,500 service professionals.  CleanTelligent is currently being used in 8 countries and is offered in 4 languages.  The platform can be used in the field on mobile devices and tablets, which make it essential in today’s real time analytic environment.   Here are some of the key areas of interest the software can help to improve.

  • Scheduling
  • Work Orders
  • Inspections
  • Reports
  • Bidding Estimates
  • Time Tracking Inventory

The Inspection tools offered in the software are some of it’s most innovative features. CleanTelligent’s Inspections capabilities allows inspections to be done from a mobile device or a tablet.  The data entry is uploaded and stored in an online database.  Inspection scores can then be emailed directly to preselected recipients.  Clients can simply log in into their accounts to view current inspection results and compare them to previously stored ones.  Overall CleanTelligent has the potential to streamline a cleaning service’s operational logistics and foster communication between it’s clients and employees.  The software’s real time data analysis provides insights into everything from labor to estimates.

Until dirt goes digital Hal and the crew at the Lenexa WinPro location, will be available to answer all of your janitorial supply and logistics needs.  They’ve got tons of experience and love to share their insights with anyone who is interested.  Give them a call at (913) 894-2130 or visit them online at


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