If you need fonts. Linda’s got them.

Linda Fulghum is undoubtedly, as I write this, tinkering away in her home based studio.  She is most likely putting on one of the finishing touches to her hand made craft creations.   When Linda isn’t making kid’s Smooshy books or teaching scrap booking classes, she can be found working on cotton bag custom printing in her cozy Kansas City workshop.  When Linda is working on custom print orders, she is usually doing so for a business who utilizes her service to provide packaging solutions for their business or product.  In many cases a business will have Linda Fulghum take their branding and have it printed on a cotton muslin bag.    On occasion Linda fulfills orders for customers who have a non commercial use for her service and products.  Some of Linda’s non commercial clients need her products for various events including; weddings, anniversaries, promotional events and commemorative events.

“They were absolutely a good value.”  -Abigail Anderson

Abigail Anderson is one of Linda’s atypical clients. Blogger Local spoke with her about how she utilized Linda’s services to help create a memorable bag to be handed out for Easter Services at her church.  She worked with Linda to create the design and get it on an appropriately sized bag.  The bags were a simple token of appreciation to the church’s members and a fun reminder of a very important holiday for the group.  Abigail told us that when it came to the value and price of Linda Fulghum’s cotton bag custom printing, “They were absolutely a good value.”  Abigail found Linda Fulghum and her craft creations through a simple web search.  To get in touch with Linda about having her create you a custom printed bag go to her website, or call her at (816) 455-0657.


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