Linda’s tools of the trade.

Interest in photography is at an all time high in the United States and there is a direct correlation to the fact that according to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 91% of American adults are currently using a cell phone.  With the increased prevalence of cell phones and mobile devices, the act of photography has gone from an artistic tool of expression to a common way that people communicate with on a daily basis.  The photo self publishing social media platform Instagram currently has 100 million monthly active users according to the site.  As each new generation of phone and mobile device come out, their built in cameras become capable of capturing more information and taking higher quality photos.  Even as the technology increases with each generation of phone, they will never be able to compete with the discerning eye and technical know how a professional photographer.  Choosing to work with a professional photographer will always help to ensure that you get the highest quality resolution and composition, while conveying the right feeling for your images.  For parents, capturing the natural personality and radiance of their family is priceless.  Blogger Local spoke with the owner of Andrea Hallet Photography, a fine portraiture and family photography studio that has knack for capturing the glowing spirit of children and their families in soft naturally lit settings.

Andrea told us that she was looking for a packaging solution for her clients photos and decided custom printed muslin bags would be a simple way to give her customers their prints.  Andrea conducted a search on the online shopping platform Etsy.  She eventually found Kansas City creative designs and craft queen Linda Fulghum.  Linda had a variety of bags to choose from and also provided custom printing.  The bags’ simple aesthetic paired nicely with the rustic settings Andrea Hallet frequently chooses to use as the back drop for her one of a kind portraits.  The custom printed muslin bags feature Andrea’s branding on them.  We asked her if she needed a sample to help her make a decision and she said she just went ahead and ordered after she saw Linda’s work on her Etsy shop.  The portrait pro told us she thought Linda’s bags were an exceptional value for their price.

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