It is no surprise that the cost of farming has gone up. With feed, seeding, land costs inventory… the price is quite high to begin any venture that involves a crop and some land. Now a days everything involves corn, in one way or another corn is in everything we eat. Corn farming is an industry with many players but it definitely a money maker once a member of this industry. Besides the variable costs mentioned above there are fixed costs such as land and labor wages per acre. Although production costs will vary from farm to farm due to differences in soils, quantity of inputs used and weather, in both the short and the long run there will be costs and much profit to be made if the business and opportunity is handled correctly.

There are many profitable businesses in agriculture, with corn farming being quite profitable if entered at the right scale and with the right amount to invest. Corn has been the staple of american diets for centuries and now also drives our commercial beef industry. When wanting to enter this industry, a considerable amount of capital is needed, unless it has been passed down. When one does not have the resources to fund their dreams of working the land there are other options available. Agricultural loans are a great way to simplify an otherwise difficult affair.

Before beginning to budget and making financial plans, one must identify the market to go into, but always grow something that you love, something that you are passionate about. After identifying what exactly it is that you want to grow, find some land that suits that product, set some reasonable goals and get to planning! Farming doesn’t have to be financially stressful, it should be enjoyable and profitable.

Corn farming presents an astounding opportunity for both big and small farmers in every state. The versatility of corn makes it such a profitable and easy to move crop that any wise farmer would consider some type of corn crop on their farm no matter the size. It would be difficult to imagine America without corn and difficult to overstate the importance of it not just for our economy but for global food supplies. The U.S. produces 40% of the world scorn supply and the numbers will continue to grow if all goes as expected.

Whether you want to start corn farming or invest in one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the starch lover in all of us.

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