Have you ever tried being a wine maker for a day? It is quite an experience. After it was all over and done, on your drive, or flight, back home did you wondered what it would take to do it every day, 24/7/365? Being a winemaker and owning either a vineyard or a winery is tough work not only on your body and mind, but on your wallet as well. Depending on how big and where you want to set up your operation the price will vary. The start up costs for a winery are high, specially since you don’t actually start seeing a return on your investment until after year three, and you need to have various great harvests to break even or start to see a profit. The option of buying an already established vineyard is always there and some might find this to be the best option, it just depends on how much time you want to put into your investment. A vineyard is a huge long-term investment that will yield great returns in the future but requires a lot of capital now. When that capital is not available, why put your dreams on hold when there are plenty of agricultural lending options available?

Agricultural lending is different that commercial real estate lending. There are a few steps an investor needs to follow in order to have a successful investment on their hands. First, decide whether you want to start from scratch or purchase a ready plot. Always keep in mind that if you already live on a sizable piece of land, with a positive soil inspection you could even grow on your own back yard. But if thats not the case, make sure to find a plot with goo soil and the size that you want to invest in. Know exactly what you want to do, whether you want to grow small scale and make wine and sell the experience and wines locally, or if you want to only grow and send your grapes to wineries. The most important step of all is to make sure you can afford your dream. Nothing can be done without the proper finances, and agricultural lending options are always available from some of the best in the nation, take American Ag Financing as an example. Dreams can be put on hold for only so long, and if the money is just not there yet, financing might be the best option, the profits will come from this long-term investment. And finally and another very important step in this journey, is to be very very patient.

Wine takes a lot of time, not only to ferment, but it takes years for the vines to grow, to begin producing grapes, and then for the harvests to be of enough quality and maturity to be able to be turned into wine and sold to the public. From the time of plantation to the time you get your first harvest it is three long years of work, and after that you will need various amazing harvests to break even and begin to makes some coin. This is a very profitable industry if invested into properly and managed correctly, winemaking is for the driven, and not the weakhearted.

American Ag Finance’s products are designed to fit winegrower’s financial needs and enable them to grow their business in the easiest way possible.

Whether you want to start your own vineyard or go out and purchase one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the wine enthusiast in all of us.

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