Horses are beautiful creatures, and there are a lot more of them out there than there are facilities. Some farmers dedicate their space to horse boarding and make their land a home to the many horses that have families that do not have the means or land to keep them at home. Owning a horse is not cheap, and maintaining a facility to house a few of them is no easy task. Being a horse lover will only get you so far in the business. With extensive budgeting for supplies, employees, feed, care, vets, repairs and improvements. The financial investment that one must make in order to begin with this venture is substantial, and most times than not, farm financing is necessary and wanted.

The costs of feed and fertilizer vary with the volatile economy which make it quite difficult to keep the costs of living at the same levels month after month. The amount of work and time commitment that goes into running a facility such as a horse boarding stable. Horses are hard on their environment, therefore making it harder to maintain the facility looking like it should. Dealing with demanding horse owners and trying to keep costs down for them and for you can be a hassle. This kind of pressure can case horse boarding owners painful headaches and stressful sleepless nights, but knowing that you have a backing from an outside entity that will allow you to focus on your business rather than up-front costs

When it comes to financing your dream, or seeking help through hard times, it is nice to know someone is there for you. American Ag Finance has been behind American farmers and ranchers for over 35 years, and has unparalleled insight into the specific needs owners might have and the requirements of the farm financing process. With almost four decades of expertise under their belt, American Ag understand complex financial structures as well as family owned enterprises and unique situations.

The staff at American Ag truly appreciates the value the horse industry brings to our great nation. They understand that horses and ranching are hard work, and in times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater and a lending hand is always welcome. Their goal is to be able to assist American horse lovers in any way possible when it comes to financing, therefore making the process easier for them and allowing farmers to focus on their day to day operations.

Whether you want to start your own horse operation from scratch or purchase one, the right financing will go a long way, and American Ag Finance has the right tools for the horse lover in all of us.

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