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LIndaFulghum_November2013_#7_AndyAs children grow up from their infant state and start to become more aware of the world around them, they develop the concept of “me”.  Once a child begins to try and talk, they naturally model all of their attempts after the sounds and patterns they hear they most around them in their every day life.  Parents of course secretly and even openly want their child’s first words to be Momma or Dadda.  Eventually regardless of what parent wins out, children learn how to say their own name and they also learn the concept of “mine”.  Possession is one of the first responsibilities in life and the concept helps toddlers feel a little older.  It gives them a chance to see themselves like their parents who carry objects around like purses, phones or computers.

As children get older and start to integrate into groups of children, the “mine” concept starts to become a little bit more important.  When kids declare that something is theirs, it can help reinforce their confidence in an assertive yet non confrontational manner.  Anyone that has gone shopping with a small child that knows how to spell their name, can attest that at a given opportunity, when a child sees products or merchandise that feature a variety of peoples’ names on it, you can bet they will immediately start searching to see if there name is in with all of the others.  For kids with a less common name, it can be a bit of a disappointment to scan through all of the personalized products only to not find anything with your name on it.  I have wonderful daughter named Taya, who every time we find a collection of personalized items happens to find the name Taylor.  She gets instantly excited and then instantly let down when she realizes it doesn’t actually have her name on it.  In our family whenever someone goes on vacation and there is a chance to get a truly personalized kids item, we get it for her.  She is always proud to use or display whatever it is we get her because she is always proud to proclaim her name and that what ever it is, is hers.

For children like mine with less common names, having personalized belongings are precious to them but hard to find for the parent.  Parents of children with less common names should consider working with Linda Fulghum to create a one of a kind custom printed cotton bag that can be used for a variety special occasions, events or for just plane fun.  Linda Fulghum works out of her home based studio in Kansas City, where she makes an assortment of hand made creative crafts and custom printed cotton bags.  Her cotton bags can be customized for any child’s name and can even include images or colors they like in particular.  Below are some creative ideas for designing a personalized bag for your child.

  • First Sleep Over Bag
  • Swimming Pool or Beach Bag
  • Gift Bag
  • Party Favor Bag
  • Lunch Bag
  • Easter Egg Bag
  • Trick Or Treat Bag

There are so many events and occasions that a custom printed cotton bag can bring fun and a sense of identity to your kids.

If you are interested in creating a truly personalized item for your child, give creative and personalized crafts pro Linda Fulghum a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website at .

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