891994_721815237845785_242883107_oOn November 1-3 of this month, knitting pros and novices alike descended upon the city of Seattle from across the Pacific Northwest region and all over the country, to attend the 2013 annual Knit Fit! Festival.  They came to meet others in their community who share similar interests and a passion for knitting.  The festival features a variety of speakers, seminars, tips, tricks and even a marketplace where festival goers can purchase goods from an assortment of independent vendors.  At Knit Fit!, not only can people check out all of the latest trends in knitting but they can also take classes that include modern approaches to construction and technique, as well as classic and antique approaches.  Blogger Local caught up with festival organizer Hannah Mason, to find out about why her festival chooses to work with the State Line Bag Company.

“I like that they seem to be a smaller business, it’s easy to get a hold of the same person.”-Hannah Mason

Hannah told us that the State Line Bag Company provides them with wholesale cotton bags which are used in a promotional capacity at the festival.  Each year the festival prints up different versions of  the wholesale cotton bags they order from State Line Bag Company.  This year the festival used three different sized bags that each featured two different versions of branded logos.  The bags are custom printed with the festival’s branding and are sold so patrons can stow all of the info, freebies and purchases they make.  Hannah told us that the souvenir bags eventually become project bags, which knitters use to carry around all of the materials for the current project they are working on.   We asked Hannah how Knit Fit! found out about the State Line Bag Company and she said they had done a simple search for muslin drawstring bags.  We wanted to know what Knit Fit! enjoyed about their experience using the State Line Bag Company and she said “I like that they seem to be a smaller business, it’s easy to get a hold of the same person.”.  We also were curious to know if there were any improvements that could be made on the part of State Line Bag Company?  Hannah mentioned that the only area the State Line Bag Company could improve upon is having all of their sizes in stock.  Hannah told us that at the last time she tried to order a certain sized bag from the bag wholesaler, they were out of stock.  State Line however immediately set her up with one of their customers who had ordered a large bulk of the specific sized bag Knit Fit! was looking for.  Hannah said that State Line Bag Company did a great job of rectifying the situation and that she doesn’t hold it against them that their product is so popular it sells out.

To find out more info on how you can get your business, event or organization set up with quality wholesale cotton bags, give the folks at State Line Bag Company a call at (913) 732-0682 or visit them online.  www.statelinebag.com

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