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american-jazz-museum-logoFor companies that solely rely on word of mouth in order to advertise the most important thing they can do it take care of their customers. That is what gets them new clients and ultimately keeps them in business. Creating relationships that convey trust and reliability is the core of caring and retaining your customers. The success of Word of Mouth marketing depend on customer’s trust of the brand. You have to earn being a worthy topic of conversation. This can be done with exceptional service and by maintaining integrity throughout all platforms. Kansas City IT support shops today know this, and it is something that KC Computer Support understands completely. Word of Mouth has allowed KC Computer Support to stay on top of the competition since its funding in 2008 without any form of advertising.

“We form relationships with our customers… we have not had to advertise, we are lucky in that sense.” -Tom Noon, founder & president of KC Computer Support

We reached out to the American Jazz Museum, one of KC Computer Support’s relatively younger clients to see how Word of Mouth had influenced their decision to use KCCS. The American Jazz Museum is located in the Historic 18th and Vine Jazz district in Downtown Kansas City, it showcases jazz through interactive exhibits and films. The Museum hosts thousands of students, scholars, musicians and fans throughout the year for over 200 performances, educational programs, exhibitions, and community events each year. The museum truly wants to celebrate the experience of jazz as an original American art form at one of the world’s greatest jazz crossroads, 18th & Vine. Since Being the only museum in the world that focuses solely on Jazz, the American Jazz Museum is really dedicated to providing Kansas City, and all of its visitors the best experience in the hopes to influence, and create a deeper appreciation for this beautiful form of music.

With all of the technology they have to keep running and a world known name to uphold, the museum trusts KC Computer Support alone to keep their systems running smoothly and bug free. KC Computer Support provides them with Full Computer and Network T support. The Museum has been a customer of KCCS for over two years, and they heard about them by, you guessed it, word of mouth. The museums auditing firm CMA recommended KCCS to them, and they have been very content with the service they have received thus far.

“Service has been delivered properly for the most part. I say this because as humans in a time of crisis, we tend to think that timely means NOW. Having said that, I would say their service turn around time has been good.” -Greg Carrol, American Jazz Museum

Greg had nothing but good things to say about the company, and overall he was very satisfied with the services he had received. He feels the company is a great partner to have in IT services, very generous and attentive. Word of Mouth should be a real and very important aspect of your marketing strategy, it can gain you life long customers if done correctly. Your brand is only as good as what people say about it.

For more information on KC Computer Support’s services, you can contact them at (913) 541-0001 or visit their website www.kccomputersupport.com.

For a complete schedule of events at the American Jazz Museum, or learn more regarding this Kansas City monument, visit their website www.americanjazzmuseum.org.

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