In Kansas City who do you call when you have a unique item(s) like a fine Persian rug, a vintage fur coat or leather satchel, that need to be professionally cleaned or restored?  There are plenty of places around town that handle basic dry cleaning needs.  It is easy to find places to take your business shirts or your cardigan sweaters but what do you do if you decide you want to get your Great Aunt’s wedding dress restored or you’ve decided that your leather couch could use a makeover?  Blogger Local Kansas City decided to find out where people should go to get their specialty items professionally  cleaned, so we asked dirt busting expert Hal Kurz of the Kansas City janitorial supply company, WinPro Solutions to give us his recommendation.  Hal and the folks at WinPro Solutions are celebrating their 25th year in operation in Kansas City.  Hal has worked with every type of cleaning professional imaginable in the metro area.  As a trusted friend of the cleaning service industry, Hal has staked his reputation on providing the best in cleaning solutions to his customers.

“They’ve been in business forever.” -Hal Kurz

When we asked Hal to make us a recommendation for a professional garment and specialty item cleaning service provider, without hesitation Hal told us that he highly recommended Arrow Fabricare Services.  When Hal said “They’ve been in business forever.”, it is almost a literal statement.  Arrow Fabricare Services are actually celebrating their 100th year serving Kansas City.  With a long track record like that, you can be sure they must be doing something right!  Hal told us that one of the main areas of service that differentiates the company from the rest of the market place, are it’s wide variety of services and that the company will pick up and deliver the items you need to have cleaned or restored.  Arrow Fabricare is one of the few Kansas City leather cleaning service providers.  Some the leather cleaning services they offer include; furniture and upholstery, sheepskin boots (Uggs) , leather clothes, luggage, footwear and bags.

Besides just providing regular cleaning services for their customers, Arrow Fabricare also specializes in restoring vintage clothing and upholstery as well as treating items that have been water, fire or smoke damaged.  Here is a brief list of some of the general services the cleaning service provider offers.

  • Leather and Suede
  • Bridal Gown Preservation
  • Handbag Cleaning
  • Fur Cleaning and Storage
  • Leather Furniture Cleaning
  • Area Rugs
  • Alterations/Reweaving

Having been in the Kansas City cleaning business for 25 years, Hal has come to know almost everyone in the cleaning service industry.  He told us that their were truly quality people at the core of Arrow Fabricare and that has been a key to their previous and ongoing success.

For more information on the products and services WinPro Solutions offers, give them a call at (913) 894-2130 or visit them online at their website.

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