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1425677_597692220268175_1986241929_nThere is no way around it for most service industry oriented businesses.  Everywhere from bars to salons, doctor’s offices to restaurants, the need for Lawrence commercial laundry services is always constant.  Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry is familiar with the array of linens that can be an integral part of operations.  You can’t tend bar without a clean towel to keep your counter tops clean and your top shelf shinning.  Try being a chef without an apron and see what happens to your clothing.  Lab coats loose their clinical appeal if they have stains and become dingy.  Do you really want paper napkins on your high end bistro’s tables?  Blogger Local Kansas City reached out to one of the quintessential restaurants in the neighboring city of Lawrence, KS, to see if they had any recommendations for other businesses when it comes to commercial laundry service providers.  We spoke with Chris Rieke, Chef de cuisine of Merchants Pub and Plate, a lively upscale gastropub in downtown Lawrence which features locally sourced ingredients and one of the most impressive beer selections in the Midwest.  (They have 30 beers on tap, with an emphasis on craft and regional beers!!)  The Lawrence KS restaurant, which was for the last couple of decades Teller’s, has recently undergone a change of ownership and a full scale renovation has given rise to a whole new atmosphere in the former and historical, Merchants National Bank building.  The restaurant has a warm feel to it that is accented by a crisp aesthetic.  The space is simple and open with a splash of Kansas sunset inspired colors to spice things up.

When the restaurant closed to down to transition ownership and undergo renovations, it was a great opportunity for Merchants to reevaluate using some of the logistical service providers they had previously used when Teller’s was in operation.  When we spoke with their Chef de cusine Chris Rieke, he told us that the Lawrence commercial laundry service provider they had been using, had to go.  Chris said that their previous service provider made Teller’s have contracts and were very hard to get a hold of.  The Chef de cusine explained that the one of the restaurant’s new proprietors had used Excel Linen Supply in a previous restaurant, so based on his positive experience they went with the Lawrence commercial laundry service provider.

“The best type of linens service is the one you never have to call.” – Chris Rieke

Chris told us that Merchants Pub and Plate was exceptionally satisfied with their choice to use Excel Linen Supply for their commercial laundry needs.  He mentioned that when the restaurant reopened, they decided they would like to change up the style of napkin they had been using.  They were looking for a thinner, home-style napkin that was in close resemblance to a kitchen towel and Excel had just what they were looking for.  One of Merchants’ favorite aspects of working with Excel Linen Supply is that they don’t have to sign any contracts with their service provider.  Chris inadvertently also gave us a valuable piece of insight when he concisely told us what he thought was best about Excel Linen Supply.  “The best type of linens service is the one you never have to call.”  He told us that he likes that he never sees the Lawrence commercial laundry service rep but Merchants Pub and Plate always has a fresh supply of clean aprons, towels and napkins.  “They are like linen ninjas, you never hear from them and you never see them but we always have everything we need.”

Excel Linen Supply company also services the Topeka, Atchison, St. Joseph and Maryville areas.  For more information on their first class linen supply and commercial cleaning services, give them a call at (816) 842-6565 or visit them online.

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