Creating Fun and Memories With A Tooth Fairy Kit By Linda Fulghum

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yhst-134569524346580_2226_7142591A child’s first baby tooth loss, is an important step in their perceived growth and maturity.  It can be point of pride for a small child to showcase a freshly vacated space in their gumline.  Many cultures around the world have established a folklore or mythology around the event of a child’s first baby tooth loss. In many parts of the world a mouse who exchanges money for children’s teeth is at the center of baby tooth loss mythology.  In Argentina childrens’ teeth are gathered by el Ratoncito Perez and in Spain, Venezuela, and Mexico, teeth are collected by el Raton.  The tooth mouse mythology also persists in many French speaking countries.  In places like Morocco, Belgium, France and Luxembourg  and Switzerland, teeth are collected by la petite souris.

In the Northern Europe, the United States and many other former British colonies, the mythology of the Tooth Fairy persists as the commonly accepted explanation for what happens to children’s baby teeth after they loose them.  Kids intently anticipate the day their first tooth will fall out.  As soon as a child clues into the first sign of a wiggle, there hands will constantly be in their mouths as they attempt to usher in a new age of big kid growth and maturity.

Kids as a million questions when it comes to the Tooth Fairy.  Many of the questions are purely logistical in nature.  How will she get in my room?  How will she know I have a tooth for her?  Why does she want my teeth anyway?  That one is actually a good question.  Why does she want kids teeth anyway?  One of the most common questions of logistics involves deciding what vessel to place the prized tooth in.  When I was kid my brother placed a tooth under his pillow without telling the Tooth Fairy’s assistants (Mom and Dad;) ) he had done so.  Needless to say if I remember correctly, she didn’t get the memo and the tooth got lost amongst the bedding.  After that my brother had a dedicated little box he used for his remaining teeth.

Kids of today have a much more creative and imaginative solution for packaging up their offerings to the Tooth Fairy.  Linda Fulghum, who hand makes creative crafts of all varieties, has taken her special brand of custom printed cotton bags and put a creative twist on them for your child’s big achievement.  The custom printed cotton bags feature a one of a kind adorable Tooth Fairy illustration on them.  The food grade bags are chemical free and safe to go under your child’s pillow.  Tooth Fairy Kits contain a ribbon accented card stock note paper that the Tooth Fairy can use to make a formal introduction.  After that the kit features a one of a kind Linda Fulghum, hand made journal that your children can write and receive correspondence from the Tooth Fairy.  It is a precious way to preserve memories you want to last a life time.  The Tooth Fairy Kit makes an excellent Christmas present for kids on the cusp of becoming a Big Kid and for those who are just in need of a better packaging solution.

To purchase a Tooth Fairy Kit or find out more about all of the creative craft creations Linda Fulghum makes, give her a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit her website.

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