Custom Printed Cotton Bag D.I.Y. Air Fresheners

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6ae600b94929e9c02ec7b41edbc10a42Are you looking for a low cost, simple and safe alternative to typical chemical based sprays, deodorizers and aerosols that are used for dispersing or preventing unwanted odors?  Blogger Local stumbled upon a great use of a cotton muslin bag as means to keep your personal items and space feeling fresh and well whatever you prefer actually.  Over at the Sincerely, Kinsey blog, it’s creator has discovered a unique way to create odor preventing solutions using  a simple bag and hand selected scented elements.  The idea is fairly straight forward, pick your scented elements and put them the bag.  Boom done! But wait how did she get the bag be printed with the scent that is inside?

We aren’t sure exactly how Kinsey did it but we can tell you that the Craft Queen Linda Fulghum can create any custom printed cotton muslin bag  you might need to create the D.I.Y air freshener.  In the example that Kinsey uses,she is making a scented bag with Lavender, so Lavender is printed on the outside of the bag to mark it as so.  Linda Fulghum has a wide assortment of clients who all rely on her to supply them with custom printed cotton muslin bags for their business’ packaging needs.  Just let Linda know what scents you are using and she can print them on your choice sized bag and you can pick from hundreds of colors as well.

If you feel like getting crafty and you’re looking to freshen the air head on over to the Sincerely, Kinsey blog to check out the specifics of how to make a D.I.Y. air freshener.

To get the ball rolling on getting some custom printed bags of your own, give Linda Fulghum a call at (816) 455-0657 or visit .

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