Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-SliderWe leave our plates after dinner, but after the bus boy picks them up what happens? where does the food we did not eat go? In the sink… down the restaurant garbage disposal, and it ends up down the drain in the sewer. This can lead to a restaurant’s Garbage disposal backing up into the dishwasher.   A water plant that has incoming food has to use extra chemicals and energy to treat and purify the water, if some of this water seeps into other water sources or soil, wildlife and water quality are compromised, which means there are environmental factors at risk as well.

Along with the city of Oceanside, many cities in the state of California are banning the use of food grinders in any commercial kitchen, due to the grease build-up that has been blocking city sewer systems threatening public health and safety.

Due to these new law changes Steve Ortiz from Mike Stern Plumbing ordered the Drain Strainer. He installed them for some of his customers and he absolutely loves them. “They were very easy to install, very slick, and the quality is incredible!” he raved. The well built and designed device is all metal and filters excess foods and grease which prevents pipes from getting clogged and backed up. This was Steve’s first time using one of these types of drainers, and he was very pleased with the customer service he received and the quickness of the delivery. “I go them here even faster than I expected”.

The drain strainer is not only great for the environment, but will help you improve your business via efficient garbage disposal and less plumbing issues. If you’re a restaurant owner, join Steve Ortiz and the many other satisfied customers and begin to experience the satisfaction of clear pipes.

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