Commercial-Disposal-Alternative-SliderIf you’ve ever worked in a restaurant or any sort of commercial kitchen you know how it works… You’re supposed to scrape the food off the into the trashcan before handing it to the dishwasher, but its much easier if you just give it to him so he can spray it off without getting your pretty hands dirty. But the more food you spray off, the quicker there will be a  restaurant garbage disposal leak.  This doesn’t just happen at restaurants, I’m sure the Duggars have a big ole commercial dishwasher too, I mean its a lot of plates!

We caught up with our friends at The Phoenix Casino and had a word with Morgan Wentworth, after his restaurant garbage disposal motor stopped working and a replacement was needed, he decided to go the more inexpensive route and purchase a Drain Strainer. “We had a little bit of trouble installing it, but thats only because we have concrete floor kitchens, but we made it work. We really needed this system in place” Morgan is really satisfied with how the Drain Strainer has changed the flow of things in the kitchen and kept more money in their pockets due to less plumbing needs.

“I want to get one for every drain in our casinos” -Morgan W.

The Drain Strainer “catches a higher percentage of food debris, not allowing it to go into the sewers” which is a concept most people have a very favorable attitude towards due to its impact on the environment.  It is easy for people to deal with, and quite clean with the option of either trashing the grease and extras or using it for compost. As of now The Phoenix Casino does not have a compost system going but they are hoping to implement it within the next couple of months so they can begin processing their waste in a more eco friendly way.

At the moment the casino only owns one Drain Strainer, which they have had for over a year now, and they intend to buy more! They have two casinos on the same property and Morgan wants to get one on every drain due to the convenience and satisfaction this product has proven. The fact that this product not only improves your productivity but allows you to be move valuable to society through more organic methods gets business owners intrigued and willing to try this revolutionizing piece of equipment.

For more information on The Drain Strainer visit their website

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