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Customers of Vermont’s Farmhouse Pottery are no strangers to the agrarian lifestyle creator Zoe Zilian attributes to the inspiration behind her simple designs dedicated to living a wholesome lifestyle.  Raised in rural Vermont and educated at the San Francisco Art Institute, Zoe has combined form, function and a farm to table mantra to create her visionary brand.  Farmhouse Pottery offers a wide ranging line of gifts, home accents, body care essentials and locally sourced regional delicatessens.    Simplicity and authenticity are paramount in the presentation of  Zoe’s lifestyle brand.  Farmhouse Pottery has chosen to work exclusively with boutique manufacturers and producers in the US.  One of the the US companies Zoe has chosen to work with is a muslin bags custom printing manufacturer named Linda Fulghum.  Since we at Blogger Local love to find out about Kansas City business connections, we naturally wanted to find out how the purveyor of agrarian lifestyle came to choose Kansas City’s pro Linda Fulghum and we wanted to learn about how her brand uses the Crafting Queen‘s products.  So we called Zoe on the phone the old fashioned way and here is what she had to say.

SLT01-siloBlogger Local Kansas City was curious to know how a the Vermont based brand came to find out about Linda Fulghum and Zoe explained that she was in the market for cotton muslin bags and choose to work with the State Line Bag Company, a cotton bag wholesaler in Leawood, KS.  She told us how the company referred all of it’s customer’s custom printing needs to Linda Fulghum, a craft design and decorative manufacturer.  Zoe decided that a cotton drawstring bag would be an appropriate vessel to package some of her select goods in after they were sold to customers.  She wanted the packaging to maintain the simple and functional aesthetic of her brand and to reflect the products simplicity while communicating outwardly what was inside.  Zoe submitted her designs to Linda and Linda scaled them to the appropriate size.  Farmhouse Pottery uses Linda Fulghum’s muslin bags custom printing to give their Maine Farmed Sea Salt it unique feeling.  The salt is derived from a unique process that involves processing the salt using solar energy.  The agrarian lifestyle brand also utilizes Fulghum’s skill in producing their organic tea and bath salts products.

Zilian went on to tell us that she thought Linda’s products were a great value and lived up to their price point.  Zoe looks forward to working with Linda Fulghum in the future.

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