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LIndaFulghum_#11Linda Fulghum is one of the absolute nicest and most endearing people you could ever meet.  The proud parent of two and resident of Gladstone, MO, loves her job more than most people ever will.  Linda owns and operates a one woman craft creation business that produces a variety of hand made items ranging from scrapbooks to custom printed muslin bags.  Her joy for her work shines through in all of the crafts and decorative designs she creates for her customers.  Blogger Local Kansas City stopped by Linda’s home based studio to get a feel for how she creates her one of a kind hand made crafts.  Linda welcomed us into her workshop and was excited to show us all of the different creations she sells in her online retail store and in various physical retail shops around the region.  Her workspace is an absolute dream for any person interested in crafts, decorations and all things creative.  Her shop is literally filled from floor to ceiling with everything you could ever imagine you might need for crafts.  There are also many crafting tools you probably didn’t know existed.  We seriously never knew there were so many types of decorative hole punches and scissors!!

Linda has her workspace dived into several production areas.  There is a dedicated area for cutting various types of paper and matting, an area for stamping, an area for photographing her finished products and an area for all of her shipping needs.  When she isn’t busy teaching crafting and scrap booking classes in her community she is busy designing and manufacturing her one of a kind crafts.  One of her latest creations is called the “Smushy Book” and is the answer to scrap books but for kids.  The idea relies less on composition and more on the instant gratification kids are looking for when it comes to their own works of creation.

LIndaFulghum_#9Linda is usually accompanied by her dog Pepper, a Miniature Schnauzer who enjoys sitting next to her or on her lap to keep her company while she works on different projects.  It’s pretty amazing what Linda can create with what seems like just a couple of pieces of paper.  We spoke with Linda about her business and we wanted to know a bit about some of her customer base and what area of her business was  highest in demand?  She told us that she has a variety of clients, many of whom are purchasing her products for special occasions or private events, while the other portion of her clients use her custom printed muslin bags to package or showcase their own business’ products in.  Besides custom printing, Linda has cute bag creation for every event, holiday or special occasion.   One of her most unique custom muslin bag creations is the adorable Tooth Fairy Kit, which comes with a Tooth Fairy colored graphic and note card for the Tooth Fairy to leave an introduction to the child who receives it.

With the holiday season quickly approaching it is safe to say that Linda will have her signature apron strapped on tight as she digs into her craft bunker and begins to make all of the one of a kind creations her customers love so much.  To check out all of Linda Fulghum’s cute creations check out her Etsy shop.

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