In a world where it seems that almost everything has gone digital or online, there are some things that are still relegated to the analogue world, dirt being one of them.  Since the analogue times of  1988, WinPro Solutions in Kansas City have been meeting the metro area’s cleaning solution needs.  Whether you own a business that has cleaning needs or are in the business of cleaning, WinPro Solution has “Everything You Need For Cleaning Anything”.

“It’s like going to the barbershop, you just stand around and talk.” -Steve Martinet

Blogger Local spoke with Steve Martinet of Premier Janitorial about his experience with the Kansas City janitorial supplies company.  Steve told us that he had been working with Hal Kurz at Win Pro Solutions since before the days of internet searches and Angie’s List.  Martinet said that over the long time he’s been working with WinPro he has had an opportunity to experience their unwavering dependability and consistency.  The owner of Premier Janitorial, said that despite the fact that he could potentially find products on the Internet at a cost slightly below Win Pro’s but he prefers to do business face to face with real people and that if he ordered a product off the Internet he would not receive the advice of Hal or get the attention he normally does from dealing with Win Pro.

540055_10150888600753661_1123181698_nWe asked Steve if he choose to have his supplies delivered by WinPro Solutions or if he picked them up at their convenient I35 and 95th st location?  He told us that he always to prefers to go in and pick up his supplies himself.  He doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to check in with Hal and some of the other customers who frequent the the Kansas City WinPro location.  ” “It’s like going to the barbershop, you just stand around and talk.”

Socializing isn’t Steve’s only priority when visiting WinPro Solutions.  One of the main WinPro products he relies on is IMAGE deodorizing neutral cleaning solution.  This is one of the core products Steve utilizes for cleaning clients like National Bank’s commercial spaces.  Besides working with larger national companies, Premier Janitorial also focuses on mom and pop type shops and businesses.


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