A Good Piropo is Like a Great Meal

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Piropos Grille used to offer a “Taste of South America” now it serves exclusive Argentinian fare. You can get your Argentinian fix, but if you want some Peruvian Tacos… this is no longer your go to restaurant. Owner Gary Worden said “some people are going to be confused about the new Piropos Grille in Parkville” when it opened again in 2009.  What is there to be confused about exactly? the food and service improved immensely and after ordering a few different items from this restaurant’s selection of sensual dishes and sexy drinks you can begin to call your hike up to the patio the Stairway to Heaven.

Perched in the rolling hills above bucolic little downtown Parkville, just minutes away from downtown Kansas City, this unique Argentine restaurant offers unique dinning and viewing experience with the beautiful buildings of Park University in the background.

This upscale Kansas City restaurant serves only the best Certified Angus Beef and fresh seafood, menu items are prepared to order and served with outstanding service. The exquisite cuisine at Piropos Grille is almost better than sex, actually… but there’s always something to be said about a restaurant where everything looks good enough to eat.

The Grille not only serve superb foods, but great drinks as well.  Some of their more raved about cocktails include the Caipirinha, the Piropos Grille Margarita and the Ar-Gin-Tini. With exotic and refreshing flavors Piropos is ready to help you enjoy that last summer drink while you welcome the first winds of fall.

Come and enjoy these wonderful drinks at great prices for a limited time.


Piropos Grille Margarita: Rings of jalapeño and cucumber muddled with Cuervo Tequila and fresh sour mix. Shaken and served over ice with a salted rim. ($10)

Ar-Gin-Tini: Fresh basil and lemon muddled with a dash of sugar. Shaken with Nolet’s Silver Gin served up and topped with Sparkling Champagne. ($10)

Caipirinha: Lime and sugar muddled with Leblon Cachaca Rum, shaken and poured over ice. Add strawberries or peaches for a twist. ($9)

Since some of us don’t speak spanish we are a little confused as to what the name of the restaurant actually is. We asked our friends at Piropos, and they told us everything we wanted to know.

Piropo, What is a piropo? A “piropo” is a flirtatious or poetic compliment given to a woman.  In Argentina these expressions of admiration, when well constructed are not only traditional but even an art form. The more clever the piropo the more it is appreciated by its intended recipient.   Hmm… well lets give it a shot here… “You must be a Grille’s steak, because you look mighty delicious”. So someone might get offended if I hit them with that line while walking through Main St. Parkville, but I gave it my best shot.  Here’s an actual piropo that could be used without offending someone.

Piropo of the week: “So many curves, and me without brakes.”

See you all at Piropos Grille in Parkville!

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