EKLEKTIK: (Greek): adj : selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas.

Getting a piece of the best from various sources. I mean, why would you settle for anything less than the best right? A bit of everything that is great is what Carolina Coleman, stylist and proud owner of Eclektica Salon has brought to Kansas City. Located in the heart of Briarcliff Village, Eclektica is revolutionizing its industry, not only through cutting edge stylists with international experience, but by changing the standard to which the best salons in Kansas City are held to.

BeFunky_CaroWith over twenty years of experience, Carolina decided to open a salon together with her loving husband. She’s had a passion for hairdressing from a young age. She’s worked in many salons, nationally and internationally, and has trained in Europe and Central America, her favorite being Havana, Cuba… Then again who wouldn’t enjoy spending time in a beautiful tropical island! Carolina’s dream of becoming a salon owner began to take shape when she found a space in Briarcliff Village that [like herself] was beautiful, chic, and unique. Carolina wanted to elevate her career as a professional, and other stylist’s expectations of their employers through better work environments and earning potentials. Today her team works on developing new styles, keeping up with cutting edge techniques, and creating fashion hairstyles that compliment their clients natural beauty.

“Most people have the wrong idea about hairstyling, they think we do this because we didn’t make it to college, but its a tough trade! You need to know your chemistry, your anatomy… not only of your products but of your clients. Someone’s image is in your hands, you have to be well educated. Thats why we are constantly training and teaching our staff.”                         – Carolina, owner

Eclektica is made up of a team of 12 stylists, all of which have their own style and personality, but are held to the same standard.  Unlike many other salons, the stylists at Eclektica are employees of the company, not renters; therefore ensuring quality results for their customers every time. The salon focuses on hair only, and nothing is a la carte. The services are sold as packages which will always include an in-depth consultation, a fabulous shampoo with the best of L’Oreal Professional products, styling, and my favorite part… a hand massage.

This fresh cutting edge salon offers a wonderful environment where people can come to relax while receiving the best service possible in this rapidly changing industry. Kansas City’s most elegant hair salon offers a personal and sophisticated atmosphere where clients can feel chic and comfortable, which makes Eclektica Salon a great experience on any day.

If you have yet to experience this fabulous salon, go in for a consultation, a trim or a wax! You can also join them at their Fall Styling event on Thursday November 7th to learn more about Fall hairstyles and how to no longer fear windy days.

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