For Rebecca Smith of Hamtramck, Michigan, a passion for bags and a desire to help others achieve success has turned into more than just a lifestyle, it’s become a thriving business that is impacting people near to Rebecca and people on the other side of the globe.  The devoted mother sparked her interest in manufacturing bags when she set out 3 years ago to make a diaper bag for her soon to be baby boy.  Her design was well embraced by her Facebook community and from there the momentum was set in motion.  Rebecca now owns and operates Better Life Bags, which focuses on taking user generated designs and manufacturing them with a conscience.  Rebecca has created a company that not only satisfies personal design choice but empowers people by affording them opportunities to sustain their livelihood.  Smith spoke with Blogger Local about the various ways her company is making a positive impact.

1014394_10201276224895221_1274391198_nAt Better Bag Life customers can feel good knowing that 10% of all of their purchases are loaned to “low income entrepreneurs in developing countries”  Through the micro loan facilitator Kiva,  the custom bag company is able to loan the money to people who can truly benefit from a small amount of start up capital that can buy them materials or equipment to get their business rolling.  Rebecca also explained how she chooses to hire new immigrants to work for her company, often loaning them a sewing machine to get them up and running.  She wanted to provide a way to help integrate the immigrants into her community and to give them a chance to earn a decent living, which they don’t always have the opportunity to do so.

So where does a woman who makes and sells bags go when she is looking for bulk muslin bags?  Rebecca choose to work with the State Line Bag Co. in selecting the perfect bag to showcase her customer’s custom designed creations.  She related that she had shopped around on places like Etsy and couldn’t find what she was looking for in bulk order quantities.  The Better Bag owner also had a hard time finding cotton drawstring bags in 12″x20″ sizes, which the State Line Bag Co. had available.  So far Rebecca says she’s thrilled about the low pricing on bulk orders and that “the customer service has been great.”.

The customer service has been great.

If you are in the market for a new purse, laptop or tablet bag get in touch with the people over at  It’s a chance to flex your design muscle all well you give back to some great causes.

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