tj-nguyen-headshotRecently TJ Nguyen, a senior in mechanical engineering at Auburn University, was in search of a simple teaching tool.  The 2013 Auburn University Student Employee of the Year recipient, organized an educational outreach event, geared towards k-12 aged girls interested in science.  The goal of the event was to teach local Girls Scouts about chemical reactions and bonds by giving a simple demonstration.    As the former co chair of the service and outreach programs for the Society of Women Engineers at Auburn, TJ works with many different facets of the community to foster growth and enthusiasm for science.

When Blogger Local spoke with TJ about his experience in choosing a supplier for his teaching tool he said that he did some research on the Web and decided upon the State Line Bag Co.  in Kansas City.  He said he was initially drawn to their bulk order availability and pricing.  For the Senior it was a high priority to keep costs low since he was coordinating the event for the Auburn outreach program.

Tools are a necessity when it comes to teaching.  TJ needed a tool with simplicity and something organic with simple fibers that would easily convey the scientific principles of chemical reactions and bonds.  Nguyen decided that using some sort of simple muslin cotton bag would be an ideal tool for the lesson.  He ended up choosing tie-dyeing  as a way to showcase the concepts he wanted to teach while utilizing something that kids are familiar with but most overlook as a place where a chemical reaction has occurred.  The event was a success for the Society of Women Engineers at Auburn.  Participants learned some important scientific concepts and also got to take home a one of a kind tie-dyed muslin cotton bag.

If you see TJ around the Auburn campus, give him a big thanks for making a difference in his community.  Chances are he is probably headed to one of the 70+ events he helps to organize and operate every year!

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