Down in Welch, Oklahoma the air is getting a little crisper each morning as Fall is settling in on the small North East, Oklahoma town.  Each year in Welch as in most places across the country, children start looking forward to one of their most beloved holidays.  Halloween has a special place in children’s hearts because it is a holiday that has equals parts getting and pretending.  One of the highlights for any child is the pumpkin part of Halloween.  Picking out the pumpkin is as much of a thrill as it is getting to carve and design your pumpkin.  In Welch the place where kids and big kids (grown ups) will undoubtedly be heading for some holiday festivities is Annabelle’s Fun Farm.  The Fun Farm features tons of different activities and attractions.  How many places do you know of that you can pick a pumpkin,  jump in a bounce house, catch a pig race and go mining for gems, all in one place?  Blogger Local spoke with Lyle Wright about all of the activities going on at the North East Oklahoma pumpkin patch this Fall.

Lyle told us about one of the most exciting activities for kids to do on the Fun Farm is mining for gems and minerals.  Annabelle’s has two different areas where kids can take cotton muslin bags full of loose soil and sift through them the old fashion way with a screen and some running water.  Visitors to the family fun destination can choose between mining for pirates treasure aboard a pirate ship or visiting the Cedar Patch Mine that is set out on the Pioneer prairie.  We asked Lyle how he came to choose a Kansas City wholesale muslin bag company to supply the gemstone mining bags.  He said that a simple web search for cloth bags lead him to State Line Bag Co.  He said that the selection and prices were enough for him to forgo trying the route of acquiring samples first as is the case for some of The State Line Bag Co.’s clients.  Annabelle’s mining operations work looking for a bag that was functional and strong enough to hold a couple of pounds of dirt but the bags also had to have a great look that lent to their use as a prop in the back story behind each mines theme.  For Mr. Wright “Everything worked out very well” in regards to his experience with the muslin bag wholesaler.

Everything worked out very well.

6304939_origThe best part about Annabelle’s Fun Farm is besides producing memories that will last a lifetime is that they are also giving back to their community by donating a percentage of their proceeds to the Make A Wish Foundation.  If you go to Annabelle’s Fun Farm make sure and get a bag of pirate’s treasure, that way in the event you get stuck in the corn maze you can trade some of your treasure to anyone you meet trapped inside that happens to have snacks.

The link below will take you to Annabelle’s Fun Farm

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