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Muslin BagRenata Murphy would be considered to be living the dream by most people.  The Brazilian native has transplanted to the island of Oahu, Hawaii and brought with her a passion for the beach fashion which has made Copacabana so iconic.  She has developed a unique swimwear store, that couples the style of the world famous beaches of Copacabana with the Earth focused lifestyle of the Hawaiian islands.  At Aloha Carioca, customers can purchase the finest quality swimwear that is designed and manufactured in Brazil.

For Renata it was important for her to choose a packing to showcase her bikinis in that would be functional but also embrace the Earth conscious lifestyle her customer base supported.  After a quick Google search, the Aloha Carioca owner decided upon a wholesale muslin bags company called State Line Bag Co.  She choose a 5″x7″ muslin bag to be the vessel which carried her customer’s products in.  The bag was a straightforward design and had a minimal impact on the environment, since it was made of all natural fibers.  Renata explained to Blogger Local how her customers loved the bags since they were green minded and portable to places like the beach or exploring the hillsides that populate the islands.

Renata relates that although the shipping was expensive (as is the norm for Hawaii) the price and selection were enough to draw her into using the cotton muslin bags.  The Brazilian bikini importer puts her brand’s finishing touch on the bag by stamping them with the company’s logo.  This provides a hand made look that pairs well with feel of the lifestyle the brand that it is associated with.  For Copacabana style and the mindset of the Hawaiian islands, look no further than Aloha Carioca.

Did you know that the largest ever outdoor concert took place in Copacabana in 1994?  You will never guess who played?  Celine Dion? The Rolling Stones? Michael Jackson?  The answer might be a bit shocking for some of our readers.  Rod Stewart packed in a whooping 3.5 million fans to the Copacabana beach during his 1994 MTV live concert performance.


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