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CupcakeALaModeLogoSo it may be a little overkill to say this, but the Chiefs are on Fire baby! We beat the Cowboys, the Giants, the Raiders, the Browns, the Bills… and coming up next week, the Broncos. So lets get excited about all thats Kansas City & local. Next Sunday Nov 17th we continue to prove that its still our year when we take on the Broncos, not only with a beautiful win, but with delicious treats. The best cupcakes in Kansas City can be found at Cupcake a La Mode. Whether you want to celebrate afterwards or stay sweet during the game, go in with your game day gear on and get treated to a free cupcake with the purchase of one!

1453479_10151963013750816_1598853614_nI mean lets face it, cupcakes are no longer just for kids! Or maybe a little for those of us who still have a kid inside… This beautifully chic cupcake boutique has been serving up rick velvety cakes and creamy icings to us here n Kansas City for a few years now and we could not have asked for better delights. Each cupcake is carefully designed to perfectly match what you see with what you taste, presentation is just as important as taste! And now theres more to love this fall with these fabulous November flavors, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Cheesecake and German Chocolate. Whether you want to wait to try these flavors on game day or before then come in on Monday for $2 Monday and take advantage of this fantastic deal.

Cupcake A la Mode have been more than generous, not only with our community but with our troops overseas as well, and as we approach the holidays and the beginning of a new year they have a beautiful plan to make someones day everyday until they reach a certain number. If the Cupcake A la Mode Facebook cite reaches 5,000 fans, they will donate everyday until the number cupcakes and fans equal each other.

Cupcake A la Mode opens every Sunday at Noon, so you have no excuse to not show up in your gear on game day and get your cupcake on.

If you have yet to try these delicacy, now is the time. I will be there on Monday & Game Day. Will you?

Pumpkin Cheesecake is your Kansas City Blog‘s favorite. Which one is yours? Share your thoughts and opinions on like them and share! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky one getting that free cupcake starting January 1st!

Keep it local & beautiful Kansas City.


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