A Short Commute to Overland Park Executive Suites at the Leawood Office Business Center

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For people in Kansas City, traffic can be a major concern.  Now granted we don’t have L.A. bad traffic or the speed and aggression of Chicago traffic, but our metro area is spread out and only expanding faster.  According to 2011 U.S. census data, the average daily commute time for people who do not work from home was 25.5 minutes.  Daily commute time is an essential consideration when choosing where to live, work or grow a business.  For many people in the metro area, a daily commute can be a real drag.  A recent study by Swedish researcher Erica Sandow, has proven a correlation between increased commuter times and increased divorce rates.  The recent research is one of the many clearly documented studies linking long commute times to obesity and depression.  Think of all of thing you could accomplish with some of the time you allot for your daily commute?

One of the key components to reducing travel time on daily commute, is to have your travel destination centrally located by multiple highways.  Tenants of the Overland Park executive suites, have vocalized that a short commute time was an essential factor for choosing to operate their business out of the Leawood Office Business Center.  Centrally located just south of I-435, the high end business facility is easily accessible for commuters who live just over the state line.  The Overland Park executive suites are also located just minutes from major highways US 69 and I-35, for easy access from Gardner all the way up to Shawnee.  The uniquely positioned  location of the premier office spaces, allows for choosing a commuting route to be flexible when dictated by emergency road closures or construction congestion.  The highway access makes it especially easy for clients or customers of the Leawood Office Business Center to find its location without any hassle.

When choosing where to operate your business out, consider the Leawood Office Business Center and consider what you could do with the time you save?  Could you get a jump on the competitors?  Pick your kids up earlier?  Pack in an extra workout at the gym?

If you are interested in finding out more about the Leawood Office Business Center’s professional atmosphere and accommodations, give the a call at (913) 402-6000 or visit their website.  www.overlandparkexecutivesuites.com

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