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With the explosion in technology and digital communications, it is possible now for people from all over the world to get together and work towards common goals.  Whether it’s sharing gardening tips in an online chat forum or it’s working for a multinational corporation, people now have the power to the harness the global communities collective efforts. The physical separation of people no longer completely limits them from producing ideas or even tangible things.  Marshall McLuhan’s “global village” has become reality thanks to the developments in communications and technology.  One of the most innovative uses of collective work amongst the internet users of the world is the act of crowdfunding projects.  Crowdfunding platforms have quickly become a preferred medium of raising capital for business ventures or projects.  The benefit that crowdfunding has for it’s recipients, is that for many who would not be able to raise the capital through traditional financial institutions or investors, they have the opportunity to work directly with the people and potential customers who would benefit directly from using their product or service.  This allows people with bright ideas and great products or services, a chance at accomplishing their goals without having to put their house up on the market or having to lurk LinkedIn hoping to snag a hedge fund manager for a quick pitch.

Forbes reported that there are currently over 500 crowd sourcing/funding  platforms available to choose from.  One of the most notable platforms Kickstarter, has raised over a half a billion dollars to date.  Blogger Local Kansas City found out that according to the Daily Crowdsource, that the average crowdfunding campaign rings in at about $7,000.  Some funding projects can achieve millions of dollars but many of the campaigns are run to fund small ventures like inventing a product or producing something creative like an album or movie.  So what happens to local area business or project ventures when their voice gets heard and their project gets funded?  How do crowdfunding projects go from bedrooms to boardrooms?

LOBC_#6One of the solutions Kansas City Crowdfunding ventures should consider is the Leawood Office Business Center.  This unique Overland Park executive suites facility, boasts an impressive lists of amenities and services for crowdfunded businesses that are looking to step up their professional appearance without committing to a full time office space.  The Leawood Office Business Center has many services and features designed for businesses that need on demand office space.  Imagine your crowdfunded business has caught the interest of a serious investor but you don’t have a place to entertain a business meeting?  For virtual office clients of the Overland Park executive suites,  scheduling an office or conference room on short notice is not a problem.  Since your project got funding, have you been receiving a high volume of calls inquiring about your product or service but you don’t have the time to give them proper attention?  The Leawood Office Business Center has friendly receptionist that can handle all of your communications demands and even forward select calls directly to your mobile line.  Now that your project is rolling, are you getting lots of packages delivered to your residence but can’t guarantee that you’ll be home to pick them all up?  Consider the shipping and receiving capabilities of the Leawood Office Business Center and consider the advantage of having a secure official mailing address.

There are so many reasons to consider the Overland Park executives suites as great place let your business expand without having the pressure of commitment.  To find out more about how your crowdfunded venture can take advantage of their virtual office services, give the Leawood Office Business Center a call at (913) 402-6000 or check out their website.  www.overlandparkexecutivesuites.com

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