Christmas Countdown Bags, An Alternative To Advent Calendars With Linda Fulghum

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LIndaFulghum_November2013_#12As the winter holiday season approaches, Blogger Local can’t help but start to get nostalgic.  One of the most nostalgic parts of childhood is definitely the Advent calendar.  I always looked forward to getting to open up a door or tab each day in December.  It was exciting and fun to look forward to, but most of all it helped let out a little bit of the anticipation building up for Christmas.  It was a simple way to get one day closer to Christmas and to get a taste of how amazing it was sure to be when it finally arrived.  The first Advent calendar was made in 1851 in Austria and eventually went on to be commercially produced in Hamburg in 1902.  The calendar originally coincided with the Christian season of Advent, which the actual days of observance differ year to year.  Now, typically Advent calendars feature the 24 days of December leading up to Christmas regardless of where the Advent season technically falls.  Advent calendars generally contain a small piece of chocolate or candy.

We reached out to one of our favorite holiday craft creation specialists to find out her take on the Advent calendars.  From talking with Linda Fulghum, we learned that she has adapted her custom printed cotton bags to be used in a similar fashion as an Advent calendar but with the opportunity to spice it up.  Linda showed us some of her unique handmade sets of bags numbering from 1-24.  The bags are each adorned with a festive winter or Christmas themed graphic.  The bags Christmas Countdown Bags Linda explained, can be filled with a little treat or surprise.  The custom printed bags can be hung on a tree or received one by each day.

Linda told us how she loved that each bag could contain something different instead of the typical Advent calendar where everyday features the same treat.  She also suggested that instead of hanging them on a tree, the bags could be hidden around the house each day for children to seek out and find.  Linda Fulghum currently has predetermined selections of her Christmas Countdown Bags, but is flexible and can work with her customers to create the perfect holiday accent.  The Crafting Queen also mentioned that the same idea could be applied for use on Hanukkah as well.

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