Day: November 6, 2013

Anyone that has ever met Linda Fulghum, has probably noticed that she wears an apron more than most people.  When Linda isn’t making custom printed cotton muslin bags or some of her hand made crafts, she is in the kitchen creating delicious dishes for her friends and family.  Blogger Local Kansas City has food on the brain from here on till New Year’s Day, so we asked Linda for her take on one of this season’s tastiest vegetables.  We wanted to know how the Craft Queen made her sweet potatoes?  Linda told us that you might want to walk a lap around the block after her dish but that it was so sweet that even people who don’t like sweet potatoes enjoyed the dish.

Here are some notable facts about sweet potatoes from the sweet potato authorities.

  • they are high in Beta Carotene, vitamins E and C
  • George Washington Carver developed 118 products from the vegetable
  • they are fat free and cholesterol free
  • North Carolina produces 40% of the countries crop

Enough with the facts, you want to eat.  Click here to get Linda Fulghum’s delicious sweet potato casserole.