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When you walk into the Leawood Office Business Center you are not only impressed with the clean decor, refined accommodations and spacious interior, you are also greeted by the friendly face of Peggy Thompson at the front desk.  Peggy keeps the communication gears going inside the Kansas City office space and took a minute out of her busy day to fill us in on what’s been happening at the Leawood Office Business Center lately.


(Interview 08/29/13 – Weather Kansas City 89 Degrees & Sunny)


Ben:            Hello, this is Ben Hartman with Bloggerlocal.com Kansas City. We’re catching up with some of the people that work inside the Leawood Office Business Center. Right now, I’m speaking with Peggy Thompson. What is your position here at the Leawood Office Business Center?

Peggy:             I am the receptionist here at Leawood Office Business Center.

Ben:            So you’re the friendly face when you walk in the front door.

Peggy:            That’s right.

Ben:             So how many businesses are actually located inside the facility?

Peggy:            We have several. We have about 50-plus office spaces, plus some super-suites and then we have several mailboxes, as well. So, if you want to work out of your home, but you need a professional address, you can use our address and get a suite number with a mailbox.


Ben:            A Virtual office?

Peggy:            Virtual office, yes.

Ben:            Awesome!  So tell us about some of the unique businesses that are actually located inside the facility.

Peggy:            We have a wide range. We have attorneys, therapists, accountants, wealth management groups, marketing…just a real wide array.

Ben:            So good community, then?

Peggy:            It is.


Ben:             So what are some of the improvements going on around the business center?

Peggy:            Well, we’ve been here for about 10 years, so we’ve made some recent updates. We redid the lobby with some new artwork and furniture and we put a big flat-screen TV in the lobby as well. We’ve had our roof re-done, we recently had the curbs re-done. We are about to have our parking lot torn up and made new. So, lots of good things!

Ben:            So a dynamic environment, but

Peggy:            Yes.

Ben:            …always evolving. Awesome. Well, we’ll have to check back in with you soon then, Peggy.

Peggy:            Sounds good. Thank you!


Leawood Office Business Center

Business Summary

 The Leawood Office Business Center is Kansas City’s premier executive suite office complex for business professionals. The facility is conveniently located close to all major area highways in prestigious Leawood, Kansas. Lewaood Office Business Center offers a professional business environment whenever you need it, whether it’s one hour a month or all month long.  Their unique business center accommodates your Kansas City office space needs, both on-site and off. If your main headquarters is your home, our executive suites and temporary office space facilities including a full range of business services are available for you to use on-demand at a price that can’t be beat. If you choose to become a part-time or full-time tenant, you’ll enjoy everything they have to offer day-in and day-out



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