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Here’s a report on a Kansas City business for sale – State Line Bag Company. Was in their warehouse today, and they’ve got quite the business going!  Their website is www.StateLineBag.com.

This is Ben Hartman with Blogger Local Kansas City.  Today I’m doing a report, unable to get an interview, but wanted to give a quick report on a business that is for sale in the Kansas City area and it’s a pretty exciting one.  A new company called Stateline Bag Company is available for sale.  They specialize in a very niche industry.  It’s a product that I’ve never heard of before. 

They deal in cotton muslin bags and I guess these bags are utilized for packaging and for crafts and for industrial purposes, many different uses.  Their website, if you want to take a look, is statelinebag.com and they also wholesale web store that they sell on called statelinebagwholesale.com.  Unfortunately I was unable to capture an interview with the owner, but he did give me the go ahead to do the report. 

I wanted to let everyone know that business is for sale.  It’s very profitable, that I know.  I don’t have much more detail than that.  We’ll have to get with the business broker when the time comes to get some numbers.  If you have any interest you can contact the company directly for the time being and their phone number is 913-402-6010.  Again, their website is statelinebag.com. 

If you’re interested in a business I do understand that they do very well.  I was taking a look at their warehouse.  They have a lot of stuff moving in and out of there.  Again, you wouldn’t think that these bags would be a very big seller, but while it’s not a huge industry there are very, very few competitors in the United States and so State Line is one of the biggest and does very, very well with these bags. 

Again, they sell to all kinds of companies, from very large brands, for example like Coach Bag, all the way to mom and pop retailers on Etsy who are using the bags for packaging jewelry, shoes, handbags, or that sort of thing.  I do understand that they sell to a variety of different companies from retailers to wedding planners and events planners to companies who are using the bags for packaging.  For example they might be used for packaging, again, jewelry, shoes, handbags, small food items, fresh food, and things like that.  Very interesting little product line and I know they come in a number of sizes. 

I was taking a look again in their front area of their warehouse and these bags come in little 2 by 3 sizes all the way up to 16 by 20, so they actually offer some pretty large size bags in addition to some small ones.  Anyway, again its statelinebag.com and it is for sale if you’re interested in starting your own business and you’re looking for something that’s already profitable.  The bags are made in Pakistan and I believe State Line has their own section within the factory in Pakistan and that’s where all the bags are made. 

If you have an interest, again statelinebag.com and their wholesale web store is statelinebagwholesale.com.  If you have an interest, check it out.  This is Ben Hartman with Blogger Local Kansas City checking in on this lovely day, hot day, in Overland Park, Kansas.  


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