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Since 1970 Laura Little’s Candies has been proudly producing gourmet fudge and candies for Prairie Village and the surrounding Kansas City metro area.  The delectable bites the quaint shop creates all taste as if they were made in your grandmas kitchen with lots of love and wholesome ingredients.  Laura Little’s might taste that way because it is in fact made with natural ingredients and in small batches “using traditional copper kettles and wooden paddles”.  It’s always nice to be able to see a product you are buying actually being created right behind the counter.LauraLittle's_#1


From a variety of handmade fudges to cookies, popcorn and even ice cream the shop is sure to bring out the sweet tooth in you.  The store features candy that can be bought individually as well various collections of boxed chocolate and gift baskets.  This is the place to go when you want to find a holiday gift idea or just something sweet to show someone you care.

I went to Belinder Elementary and I walked to my Grandma’s house every day after school.  She lived just down the street from Laura Little’s Candies so it is safe to say there is a very nostalgic spot in my heart for this place.  It was one of the first places I was allowed to walk to by myself to spend money I had earned.  It was always hard to choose between giant gummy rats, giant dinosaur egg jawbreakers or peanut butter fudge.  Whenever it was Valentine’s Day, Christmas or my Mother’s birthday, my Grandmother would always send me down to the little fudge shop so I could pick out a sweet treat for my Mother.  I knew that for some reason I could never go wrong there.LauraLittle's_#3

I stopped by the confection connection the other day after a visit to my Grandma’s house and not much has changed since I was little kid but that of course is all right with me.  A friendly young lady was helping customers as trays of fresh chocolate creations laid out behind her on giant baking sheets to cool and flavor the air with sweet bliss.  It was still hard decide on the peanut butter fudge or the giant gummy rat.



The next time you are cruising down 75th street heading towards the Missouri state line make sure to pump your breaks (always a speed trap) and pull over for some of the sweetest candies in Kansas City.  If you live out of state or are not able to make it on down, don’t worry Laura Little’s is now shipping orders via their website.



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