(09/06/13 (Weather Kansas City 77 degrees clear skys)

The Lawrence, KS based company PDS (Professional Delivery Service) has made quite a name for themselves over the last couple of years.  They’ve moved everything from a grand piano to a 10ft long taxidermy stingray.  Seriously, just ask PDS owner Chess Woolfolk if you ever meet him.  The small college town company is known for being efficient and prudent when it comes to moving individuals, families and businesses.  The PDS movers also handle delivery of large items.  Just made an impulse buy because you saw that washer and dryer on sale that you’ve been dreaming of?  Give PDS a call and they can come pick it up for you and in most cases get your new washer and dryer set up before they leave.

PDS_#2The list of services that PDS offers is truly impressive.  Whether you are moving to Texas, you are in the need for climate controlled storage or just need a piano moved up to your second floor, these guys have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.  Speaking of tools, I’ve actually had them move a piano for me personally.  When they showed up with just two guys and robotic looking dolly, I was a bit skeptical.  The Jetson’s dolly they have is truly awesome!  It basically has what looks like inverted tank treads on its back.  They are wedge shaped and lock into the space between each star as it passes over the stair.  They strapped the piano to the dolly and out they went to tackle my two sets of 7 stairs in my front yard.  PDS tackled the stairs with ease.

Business is good for the Dodge City born Woolfolk.  So good in fact that you might have seen some of his trucks around the Kansas City metro area lately.  The Lawrence movers have traditionally helped move many people from Lawrence to KC but their reputation has been compounding over the last couple of years and they are in high demand for moving people from one location to another inside of the metro area.  It truly says something about the quality of care that PDS must be providing for it’s customers if they are willing to pay for them to come from Lawrence for a KC area move.  From Lawrence to Kansas City and beyond, Professional Delivery service is available to help you with any of your moving or delivery needs.