“We want to do more than provide fashionable alternatives to young women who want to make a difference. We want to inspire a moment to stan out – for good”.  So lets Join the movement Kansas City and lets shop at their New Location in Zona Rosa, and enjoy new Kansas City fashion boutique for up to 70% off during their end of season sale.



Altar’d State is a popular women’s fashion boutique not only here in KC, but in 5 other neighboring states. The company went from 1 boutique in Tennessee in 2009 to 30 locations by 2013. The success this retailer experienced through the tough times that swept the nation during its start makes you think about the saying “Everything Through Him is Possible”.

Their New Kansas City boutique in Zona Rosa recently opened,  it has a beautiful layout and it is easy to navigate, trust me ladies this is far from a Forever 21. The quality of the products they offer is out of this world. I bought a dress and some jewelry from there and let me tell you, the materials are soft, comfortable and they won’t break the bank. The atmosphere is welcoming, the music isn’t too loud and you can always sit and relax in their beautiful and comfortable Lounge Foyer.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”         -Mother Teresa

This successful retailer has come a long way since its doors first opened in 2009 in Knoxville, TN as a retail store/coffee shop .  ALTAR’D STATE is a modern Christian retail store that offers fashion apparel, jewelry, accessories, footwear, and gifts… all with the purpose of having the stores stand out for good and do their part to change the world for the better. Some of their partners to give back include TOMS and the Susan G. Komen foundation.

So Stand up for what you believe in KC, when your heart is in the right place you can accomplish Anything.

Stay Lovely, Your Kansas City Blog.