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So we learn something every day, today after catching up with satisfied customer Bryce W. I met with a tech at the best Kansas City computer repair, Velocity Computer Tech, to know what had happened to his computer exactly.

Sometimes when you turn on your computer it just wont start and you will get a warning window informing you that you have CPU fan failure. Well to start off a CPU fan is Used to cool the CPU (central processing unit) heatsink. Effective cooling of a concentrated heat source such as a large-scale integrated circuit requires a heatsink, which may be cooled by a fan; use of a fan alone will not prevent overheating of the small CPU chip.

When this warning appears on your computer, you have two options, a quick short term fix and a more recommended long term fix. The temporary fix is to uncheck the fan alert setting and you will temporarily have solved this problem, this is if your computer even gives you this option.  The best fix would be to replace the CPU fan with a fan capable of producing at least 500 RPM or more. CPU fans are very cheap, you do not want to risk blowing your CPU.

“Timely, quick service. I am very very happy with the service”             -Bryce W.

Bryce brought his computer into Velocity Computer Tech wanting to download his hard drive and replacing his computer since he did not know what was wrong with his computer exactly, but his computer was fixed instead and the repair cost him a lot less than a new computer thanks to the techs at Velocity Computer Tech.

Before making any rash decision regarding your computer get it checked out by one of Velocity’s techs. They are honest and very knowledgeable. They will know exactly what to do so you do not spend more than you should.

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